Churchill Alternative School review

11 11 2009

We’ve received some information from one of the public schools in our region and thought it might be of interest to Westboro residents.

The Ottawa Carleton District School Board is in the process of reviewing the Alternative Program, the purpose of which is described as “coming to a decision regarding the Alternative Program” by February 2010.

Churchill parents and other supporters of the Alternative education model have a number of concerns with respect the larger purpose of the review as well as how the review is being conducted. To learn more about the issues please review the attached PDF.  Please forward to interested friends and neighbors.




3 responses

12 11 2009
Paul Lindsay

Regarding the Evered St. traffic problem, it seems there is some misinformation in this report.

> Councillor Leadman was told that Evered Ave is the only street between
> Churchill and Kirkwood with direct access from Byron to Clare.  All the
> other north/south running streets either don’t connect to Clare or have
> traffic calming measures already in place.

Tweedsmuir Ave. is directly connected between Byron and Clare with no traffic calming in that stretch.

I would agree with the residents of Evered that the only way to slow down traffic is to install speed bumps similar to those on Kirkwood which are perfectly manageable at the legal speed limit.

On my block of Tweedsmuir between Richmond Rd. and Byron we have a couple of “bumpouts” which were installed to calm traffic, however they are next to useless as they do not present an obstacle to a speeding motor vehicle and the sight line up the street is not altered by their presence. Furthermore, there are signs at each end of the block to the effect of local traffic only which are absolutely useless as the street is continually used by motorists seeking a quick access route to either Byron or Richmond.

12 11 2009
Sheri Zelle

As parents we must ensure that we have CHOICEs for our children’s education and the Alternative Program within Ottawa (OCDSB) is one of those choices. This choice is at risk of being lost as a result of this review.

It is not about “better” its about a choice. A choice to have your child in the right environment for them at any point in their K-8 education. Don’t we as parents want to provide our children with the environment that enables them blossom to their full potential (whether that is French Immersion, English or Alternative)?

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! I urge every parent across Ottawa to let the OCDSB know that WE WANT TO KEEP OUR CHOICES in education intact. The Alternative program does not have the awareness it clearly deserves. What the OCDSB does not seem to realize that this “product” they have is one that would enable them (if promoted effectively) to attract many more families to schools within the Board that are currently choosing other (very similar, private) education options outside of the Board. Which would be a more cost effective and beneficial way to begin down the path to alleviating the deficit the Board is experiencing ($14.4 million = 1500 new “bums” in seats at the Ottawa Board) due to declining enrollment. Simply if more were aware of the Alternative Program and its availability within their zone, many more would likely choose it.

Please let them know your feelings around why CHOICE is important to you, your family, your community and the future education options for all Ottawa children by sending them and email to
To The School Board HERE:
BEFORE NOVEMBER 15 (this coming Sunday)- which is the last day they are accepting public input on the matter.

You can also email all of the Trustees (not just your zone) to better help them understand why it is important that all zones are provided the opportunity of choices for their children. (emails are included in the pdf attached in the original posting).

17 11 2009

those traffic ‘bumpouts’ are considered a traffic calming device. no comment on the effectiveness

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