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The community of Westboro in Ottawa is a thriving and exciting place to live. It’s a mixture of residential and commerical interests, schools, churches, parking lots and parkland. Ask anyone who’s lived here for a few years and they’ll tell you, Westboro is changing. Some of that change is great, some isn’t so wonderful, but we can surely agree on one thing: Westboro is a great place to live and we, the residents, should have a say in how it develops and changes.

map of WCA boundaries
The boundaries of the WCA are East of Denbury, West of Tweedsmuir, and between Carling and the Transitway. Click for a larger image of an area map if you need visuals!

In 2006 a few of us decided that we needed to revisit the idea of a community association. We ratified our constitution at our AGM in September 2007 and we’ve been growing steadily ever since.

The purpose of our community association is to positively and actively influence the development of the Westboro community for the well-being of its residents, property owners, business owners and visitors.

We hope to do this by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Seeking input from residents, property owners and business owners in diverse areas of Westboro regarding the interests of the community.
  • Fostering a strong community for residents, business owners, property owners and visitors to Westboro.
  • Interacting with various levels of government to promote the interests of the Westboro community including participating in community design and planning processes and fairly representing the Westboro Community during formal or informal consultations with interested parties.
  • Collecting and dispersing information of importance to members of our community.
  • Encouraging positive social, recreational, cultural, artistic and commercial activities in Westboro.
  • Communicating and cooperating with other community groups in the surrounding area to the benefit of the Westboro community.

If you’d like to look at our Constitution (updated December 2012), it’s available as an MS-Word file here.

Full board bios will be available shortly. If you’d like to get in touch with the WCA,  please send an email to hellowestboro@yahoo.ca.

Our 2015 board members are:

  • Jacques Vachon
  • Graham Deline
  • Karlis Brouse
  • Dino Cule
  • Jennifer Davies
  • Irmi Elbert
  • Jean McKibbon
  • Fiona Morrow (Treasurer)
  • Terence Nelligan
  • Gary Ludington (vice Chair)
  • Rocco Caminiti
  • Norm Morrison (Chair)
  • Stephen Sandiford (Secretary)

Jennifer Davies

I have been a resident of Westboro since 2006 and a member of the WCA since 2009. Like you, I feel that Westboro is the best neighbourhood to live in and I am committed to keeping it as such.

I have an enthusiasm for the maintenance of historical buildings and the landscapes that make up this community. This, and my desire to learn more about the people that make up this area, drove me to join the board.

My focus will be to continue to uphold the quality of the community while being an advocate for the residents.

Irmi Elbert

I have been a resident of Westboro for over 20 years. In September 2007 I joined the Westboro Community Association. My background is German. We moved to Westboro because we wanted to raise our two sons in a safe, green and livable village atmosphere which had in the same time all the advantages of a large city.

(For several years) I have been responsible on behalf of the WCA for the rejuvenation of Clare Gardens Park. Each year we organize with the Volunteer Gardeners of Clare Gardens Park in the spring and fall a clean-up for our park. With the WCA I have been involved in event planning, traffic studies, zoning issues, redevelopment and the Urban Tree Canopy Study for Ottawa. I am also very interested in the rich history of Westboro Village.

Westboro has been growing rapidly and the neighborhood changes with immense speed. I believe that a good community association can support a healthy growth. I welcome smart intensification which does not interfere with existing laws, safety issues and/or change the character of a mature neighborhood.

I believe that smart growth communities are transit oriented, bicycle and pedestrian friendly, protect and grow their green spaces and promote local jobs and services.

Jean McKibbon

I have been a life long resident of Westboro and attended Churchill, Broadview and Nepean High Schools.

I would like to see Westboro remain a safe, people centred community where walking on the streets without sidewalks, remains safe from vehicular traffic. Living in the country, within the city! 

Traffic and the speed of vehicles has increased substantially. I went door-to-door with a petition to lower the mileage to 40K. 

In 2014, I joined a group of Kitchissippi residents whose interest lies in preserving the urban tree canopy.  Infill housing and construction has been damaging and destroying much of Westboro and it’s mature healthy trees.  The ‘Tree Committee meets regularly. “‘Our Trees” on the WCA website is information developed to help members of the community with tree concerns. 

I believe in the WCA and that it is important that the individual resident has a collective voice.

Terence Nelligan

In the past 21 years I have had the privilege of living in some great areas in Ottawa such as The Golden Triangle, Centre Town, and Old Ottawa East and for the past 10 years Westboro.

I joined the WCA to get to know my neighbours better and having worked in the past for Regional and Municipal government I understand the enormous burden on city staff to meet the demands of all the unique communities in Ottawa. The city cannot do everything alone, community participation is necessary and it is my hope my experience with all levels of government would assist the community association with its activities. Westboro has many unique qualities and is very diverse with respect to the ages, incomes and the amount of time people have lived here (some have lived here all their lives and are now senior citizens).

Westboro is being redeveloped and it is an exciting time to watch this transformation before my eyes. At the same time, I believe it is a great opportunity for the community to join together with the city and developers to create a Westboro that is attractive to newcomers, comfortable for those already living here and preserves its natural history and community identity.

 Jacques Vachon

Currently serving as a Barclay Condo Board Director, CCC 81, I am also the board liaison for the Barclay Condominium Urban Affairs Committee, helping to keep an eye on city planning developments as well as city plans for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) western extension.

I am a member of the executive steering committee of Underground Solution, a group dedicated to ensuring that should the current LRT route be maintained, the section between Dominion and Cleary is fully buried, deep enough to ensure large trees can once again grow in the parks lands.

Retired after 37 years, I worked as an architect after graduating from McGill University.  I later earned an MBA from the University of Toronto and held senior management positions culminating as VP Real Estate for Royal Bank of Canada, managing a large portfolio of projects and assets across Canada and the United States. Most recently I was a Director General with Public Works and Government Services Canada managing a large portfolio of crown assets and capital projects.

This is my first experience with a Community Association and I am eager to learn from my colleagues and neighbours and believe some of my work experience may be beneficial to the Association and the Westboro community.

 Stephen Sandiford

I have owned a house (my first and only) in Westboro for almost 25 years and while I spent 7 of those years in developing countries such as Ethiopia as part of my career in international development, I have always been happy to return to our vibrant community. I have been a member of the Westboro Community Association for over five years.  I first got involved over my concern about the rapid pace of development in the neighbourhood, in particular in-fill housing which was having a major impact on home owners on my street.  Through my involvement in the association, I hope to be able to work together with other citizens to help improve the planning and development of our community

Fiona Morrow

A native Ottawan, I joined the WCA in early 2014, have lived in Westboro since 2009, in a home built in 1912.   I love Westboro for the character of the homes, the size of the trees, the available greenspace and the village feel of Richmond road.   My goal is to help preserve the unique characteristics and heritage that define Westboro and give it the village feel, as it continues to evolve, while making sure developers are not taking advantage of the good nature of the people and the beautiful properties.


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