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This website is maintained in a blog-style format, which is defined as a chronological listing of “posts” with the most recent being at the top of the page.

The WCA blog is a multi-author blog. All of us are volunteers.

Each post contains the following elements.

  1. Title of the post.
  2. Date of post.
  3. Body text. This might contain links to relevant documents or other websites. Blue-coloured text will open a new webpage or email link.
  4. Comments. Click on the comments link to read what others have written or post your own. We love feedback, but we ask that you “sign” your real name when you comment. It is not our practice to remove comments, but we do reserve the right to delete anything which may be libellous, racist, or homophobic in nature.
  5. “Posted in…” refers to the category to which the particular post belongs. Click on a category to read related posts.

The right hand side of the page – the sidebar – contains a number of useful features (moving downwards from the top):

  1. “About the WCA” – important documents and other information.
  2. “Don’t miss a post” – You can subscribe to this blog via email. This is one of the easiest ways to stay informed. Although it is not instantaneous, new posts are automatically delivered in your inbox the day they are written. Also in this section, an email address for easy contact. Due to spam issues it is not hyperlinked, so you cannot click on it to automatically open your email program. Please cut and paste the email address into a blank email.
  3. Clickable list of recent posts.
  4. Clickable list of recent comments.
  5. List of categories – Click the links in this section to view all posts in a particular category. Useful tool if you’re only interested in one topic.
  6. Archive of past entries – an easy way to access what’s been posted in the past.
  7. Search. Use for searching!

Would you like to guest post? We’re open to the idea as long the topic would be interest to fellow Westboro residents. Please drop us a line.

Thank you!

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