Community Meeting – Clare Gardens Park – Thursday June 25th 7:00pm

23 06 2015


Wild Wild Westboro Garage Sale – June 6th

23 05 2015


Clare Gardens Park Spring Clean-up (Saturday May 23rd)

20 05 2015

Clare Garden

Big Art & Plant Sale – Saturday June 6th

14 05 2015

Big Art

Wild Wild Westboro Garage Sale – June 6th 8-11am

19 04 2015


Dovercourt has just confirmed that tables are ready to be sold on their site.  Check out the attached poster and link to the Dovercourt website.


Western LRT- Open Letter to NCC & City of Ottawa

16 03 2015

The collaboration between the NCC and City to revise the Western LRT design is great news.  Unfortunately concerns raised by the community (and several other community groups in the area) have still not been addressed.  The revised plan calls for 300 meters of tracks (from Berkley to Rochester Field) to be either at grade or in a shallow trench with high fences, overhead electrical wires and 7/24 lighting.

Prior to the recent announcement several community groups in western Ottawa agreed that the following principles should be maintained in the Western LRT design:

  • If the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway route is ultimately chosen, the engineering design must be fully compatible with the NCC’s on-going efforts to develop and implement its long-term vision for an accessible and more animated water-front park adjacent to the Ottawa River.
  • In our view, the best, and likely the only way to respect these principles, is to fully tunnel the LRT to ensure that the entire line from Berkley Avenue to Skead and beyond would be fully underground and allow for mature trees to again grow in the park lands.

The Westboro Community Association is concerned that a trench potentially as long as 300 meters west of Dominion Station would obstruct access to the park lands and represent a major visual blight on them. Both impacts are inconsistent with the important NCC conditions.

The new proposal states:  “Cleary Station to be covered and designed to blend into the landscape”.  We ask that the NCC and city of Ottawa provide a response to the following questions:

  1. Why are the principles of “blending the Cleary LRT station in the landscape” not being applied to Dominion Station?
  2. Why has the NCC not been consistent in applying their conditions of managing the visual appearance and accessibility of the Ottawa River Parkway?
  3. If the intent of exposing the Dominion reach is to give LRT riders “a view of the river” (which we believe would be inadequate); how does that priority exceed the principle of the NCC’s original conditions of managing the visual appearance and accessibility of the Ottawa River Parkway?

The last two years have produced productive dialog within the community leading up to the recent agreement between the NCC and the City of Ottawa.  We are optimistic that continued dialog and consultations will lead to the best solution.

BOOKFEST 2015, Feb. 27-28.

8 02 2015

BookFest is Elmdale Public School’s annual celebration of BOOKS.

This year we combine this great second-hand book sale and its low, low prices, with SPECIAL APPEARANCES and READINGS by some of Ottawa’s best-known authors:

FRANCES ITANI:   Whose latest novel Tell was short-listed for a Giller Prize

MARK SUTCLIFF:  Editor of iRun magazine and author of Why I Run

BOB PLAMONDON:  Author of many political books, most recently The Truth about Trudeau

ROBERT MCMECHAN:  Author of Allison’s Brain

CHARLES GORDON:  Journalist and author of At the Cottage and The Canadian Trip

WHEN: Fri., Feb. 27, 9:00am to 9:00pm, and Sat., Feb. 28, 9:00am to 4:00pm

WHERE: Elmdale Public School, 49 Iona Street


Books to donate? We’ll come and get them- Email:

Funds raised at Bookfest support Elmdale Public School.

Surplus books donated to worthy causes in the community.


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