Cancelled: Open House for Proposal at 433 & 435 Churchill and 468 & 472 Byron Place

21 02 2018

Please be advised that the developers proposing to build at Churchill/Byron Place/Highcroft have determined that it’s premature to proceed with a community meeting and have cancelled the open house that was scheduled for February 26.

We will post more information once it becomes available.


Upcoming Open Houses: Proposed Developments

18 02 2018

Here is a list of upcoming open houses to discuss proposed developments in Westboro. Additional information on each one has been posted to this blog.

  1. 398, 402, and 406 Roosevelt Avenue
  • To discuss the development of a 6-storey mixed use building at 398, 402 and 406 Roosevelt Ave.
  • When: Tuesday, February 20 from 6:30-8:30pm
  • Where: 345 Richmond Road, Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre
  1. 403 Tweedsmuir Avenue
  • To discuss the proposed rezoning application to allow for the future redevelopment of 403 Tweedsmuir Avenue into a six storey mixed-use apartment and hotel.
  • When: Thursday February 22 from 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Where: 190 Richmond Road, Real Canadian Superstore Test Kitchen (upstairs)
  1. 433 & 435 Churchill and 468 & 472 Byron Place
  • To discuss the proposed Build (a six storey mixed-use development) on Highcroft, Byron Place and Churchill
  • When: Monday, February 26 at 7:00pm
  • Where: 190 Richmond Road, Real Canadian Superstore in the upstairs community room
  1. 342 Roosevelt Avenue
  • When: Wednesday, February 28 from 6:30–8:30pm
  • Where: 345 Richmond Road, Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre

Councillor Leiper: Proposed Build on Highcroft, Byron Place and Churchill

18 02 2018

From Councillor Jeff Leiper:

Last night, I was made aware of a meeting being held by the potential developer of the southeast corner of Byron and Churchill. The development is proposed to be a six-storey mixed use building facing Churchill, built through to Highcroft where it would be four storeys. I had a preliminary conversation with this developer, who I do not know, in early December, and this community meeting was organized by them without my office’s involvement. While a flyer advertising the meeting (pdf posted below) was circulated just to immediate neighbours, it has spread quickly. I corresponded last night with their planning consultant and wlll replace the .pdf below with a clean copy once that’s provided to me.

I believe the intent of this meeting is to be for immediate neighbours to take a first look at the proposal and provide early feedback. There is no application for this development, although presumably one could be quickly filed. Their community meeting will be held:

Monday, February 26 at the Real Canadian Superstore at 190 Richmond in the upstairs community room at 7 pm.

While I anticipate that over the next few decades, Churchill will become slightly taller and denser, the four-storey portion on Highcroft is a significant departure from the neighbouring properties’ built form. The six-storey portion would be the first of that height on Churchill (except on Richmond, designated a traditional mainstreet), and it’s not immediately clear to me that in the absence of a proper plan for the street that it should be allowed. Of key concern for me, if this proposal moves ahead to the application phase, will be the potential to increase traffic on Highcroft. While the site plan seems to show continued restrictions, how that is handled isn’t clear. I know that was a point I raised in our early meeting with them, in addition to my reservations about the departure in height and density, and over the next week or so we’ll review our notes to see if that’s been taken into account.

The proposal to shut a portion of Byron Pl. is interesting, and could actually be a positive benefit to the public realm in the area albeit a space that would be in shadow for the first part of a summer day.

I will look forward to hearing more about the developer’s plans at their community meeting, and we’ll endeavour to put more information online as we receive it, likely after this meeting is held. If the proposal proceeds to an application, it would be for a re-zoning. At that point, a planner would be assigned to the file and a consultation and opportunity for public feedback to the City provided. It would then go through the usual process including the writing of a staff report and then Planning Committee and Council votes. Because this meeting was set without consultation with my office, I am not likely to be able to attend since I have another commitment, but we will have staff there.

Once this meeting has been held, I’ll be in a better position to state my approach to this proposal. We’ll collect any feedback you wish to provide in the meantime, but likely won’t begin analyzing that until residents and we have had the opportunity to get more specific information about the development over the next couple of weeks.


Proposed Build: 6-Storey Building at Highcroft Ave, Byron Place & Churchill

18 02 2018

Please see the attached flyer about a proposed 6-storey mixed-use development on the corner of Highcroft Avenue, Byron Place and Churchill.



Notice of Public Meeting: 403 Tweedsmuir Avenue

14 02 2018

From the City of Ottawa’s Planning Department:

The applicant and the Councillor’s office have scheduled an Open House meeting on Thursday February 22, 2018, to discuss the proposed rezoning application to allow for the future redevelopment of 403 Tweedsmuir Avenue into a six storey mixed-use apartment and hotel.

All members of the public are invited to attend.

When: Thursday February 22, 2018 from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: 190 Richmond Road, Real Canadian Superstore Test Kitchen (upstairs)

The applicant’s team will be providing display boards with various images of the proposal and members of the applicant team will be circulating the room to answer any questions about the proposal.

The notice prepared by the applicant is attached.

403 Tweedsmuir – notice of public meeting

NCC Renewal of the Strategic Plan for the Capital Pathway: Public Consultation

12 02 2018

From the NCC:

Renewal of the Strategic Plan for the Capital Pathway: Public Consultation

The NCC invites you to a workshop to discuss the future of the Capital Pathway, and participate in the review of the vision and strategic directions for this exceptional multi-use network.

During this exercise, you will have an opportunity to discuss some of the following themes and explore possible solutions to the issues raised.


  • Integrated, improved network
  • Multi-use, user-friendly pathways
  • Greater public safety
  • Superior, resilient facilities
  • Territorial and seasonal expansion

Join us for this discussion, and help shape the future of the Capital Pathway.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018
6 pm to 8:15 pm


NCC Urbanism Lab,
40 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor, Ottawa

Reserve early. Space is limited. Please register by noon on February 19, 2018.

Working Together to Stop Graffiti: City of Ottawa Graffiti and Mural Program

11 02 2018
Working Together to Stop Graffiti: City of Ottawa Graffiti and Mural Program
When graffiti is placed on public or private property, it is considered vandalism and it is against the law. The City of Ottawa has a program  to address graffiti vandalism and to provide a clean and welcoming community for all residents, businesses and visitors.  The sooner graffiti is reported, the sooner it can be removed, reducing the likelihood of recurrence by as much is 85%.
To report graffiti in your neighbourhood, call the city’s service line at 311 or complete the form available online.
Links to the city’s website and additional information on controlling graffiti can be found here.

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