Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club Open House: TONIGHT

14 05 2019

Please see the attached poster from the Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club.


Open House Flyer

NCC Consultation (Westboro Beach) and Westboro-Dominion LRT Info Session (City of Ottawa)

24 04 2019

Please note the following:

  1. NCC Consultation (Westboro Beach) on Monday April 29, 6:30 to 8:30pm, Hintonburg Community Centre
  2. Westboro-Dominion LRT Info Session with the City of Ottawa, Monday May 14, 7:00 to 8:00pm, Fieldhouse at 29 Van Lang

See the attached for additional information.



From the NCC: Share your ideas for the improvements of Westboro Beach

15 04 2019

From the National Capital Commission:


What are your ideas for the improvements of Westboro Beach?

This project is part of the Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park Plan, which aims to reconnect people and communities to the Ottawa River. The plan includes over 200 hectares of riverfront lands between LeBreton Flats, the mouth of the Pinecrest Creek corridor and the Mud Lake Conservation Area. The Westboro Beach area redevelopment project will be one of the first steps in making this plan a reality.

This workshop will focus on

  • The design of a new pavilion and landscaping
  • Enhanced, year-round experiences for beachgoers and site users
  • Opportunities to revitalize and celebrate the beach’s built heritage


Monday, April 29, 2019
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Hintonburg Community Centre, Wellington Room
1064 Wellington Street West, Ottawa ON K1Y 2Y3

Join us for a workshop discussion by filling out the form by clicking here.

Book early. Space is limited.
Please RSVP by noon on Friday, April 26, 2019.

Unable to attend the event?

Please share your thoughts and preferences regarding the future design of Westboro Beach by responding to the online survey that will be available herefrom April 29, 2019 to May 13, 2019, at midnight.

Mapping Ottawa’s Lost Trees: Interactive Map

18 06 2018
Mapping Ottawa’s Lost Trees
Intensification in Westboro and throughout the urban core is destroying our front and back yard trees and dramatically reducing space for new trees. Wind and ice storms have also taken their toll. 

Concerned residents can now record lost trees on a new interactive map, an initiative of BigTrees of Kitchissippi, Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES), The Greenspace Alliance and Ecology Ottawa.

The map allows you to:

  • plot trees lost due to human or natural causes

  • record details such as tree type (species), approximate date of loss and size

  • add a photograph and comments

  • view the cumulative count of loss, by cause and by City ward

The data will be integrated with other mapping initiatives down the road.

For more information, visit

Champlain Oaks project
Big Trees of Kitchissippi
Environment Committee
Champlain Park Community Association

Forum Francophones des Parcs d’Ottawa 2018

1 05 2018

From Ecology Ottawa:



Je fais appel à vous et à votre association communautaire pour vous parler d’un programme élaboré par Ecology Ottawa et Park People : « Les Amis des Parcs ». Fondé par le gouvernement de l’Ontario, « Les Amis des Parcs » a pour but d’assister les communautés francophones dans la célébration de leur culture ainsi que dans la mise en valeur des espaces verts et des parcs.

Ce week-end (voir les détails de l’événement ci-dessous et dans les pièces jointes), nous organisons notre premier forum francophone qui a pour but d’aider les résidents intéressés à obtenir toute l’aide nécessaire pour organiser un événement. Nous aborderons tous les sujets cruciaux pour la planification d’un événement, tels que la publicité autour de ce dernier, la levée de fond, ou encore le renforcement des capacités organisationnelles. Cet événement a lieu pour aider les personnes expérimentées comme les débutants.

Je suis persuadée qu’il y a de nombreux francophones au sein de votre communauté, et il serait formidable que vous les informiez de cette opportunité, et du programme en général. Nous vous serions grandement reconnaissants si vous pouviez communiquer autour de l’événement.

Egalement, si vous connaissez des groupes communautaires qui cherchent de l’aide, des conseils, ou une assistance quelconque, merci de bien vouloir me donner vos coordonnées.

Les détails de l’événement :

LIEU: Coworkly (261 Montreal Road, Vanier)

HORAIRES: 13h – 16h

BUT: Pour donner des conseils à propos du financement, de la logistique, des permis et de toutes les ficelles pour organiser un événement !

Pour en savoir plus : https://www.facebook.com/events/254395498458327/

Pour s’inscrire : http://www.ecologyottawa.org/ottawa_francophone_park_forum_2018



Good afternoon,

I’m reaching out to you and your community association to let you know of a program that Ecology Ottawa and Park People have embarked upon: les amis des parcs. Funded by the Government of Ontario, les amis des parcs will help francophone residents of Ottawa celebrate their culture in local greenspaces and parks.

This week-end (event details below and attached) we will be hosting our first francophone forum that will help interested residents get all the help they need to plan an event. Anything from fundraising, to capacity building, to advertising will be covered and the whole event is designed to help the experienced and non-experienced event planner.

​I believe that there is a large constituency of​ francophone’s in your community, and it would be great to let them know about this opportunity, and the program as a whole. Would you post about and advertise this event?

Also, if you know of active community members that are looking for help, guidance, and support, please feel free to give them my contact. I am not bilingual, but this event (and all les amis des parcs events) will be hosted entirely in French.

The specifics:​
WHERE: Coworkly 261 Montreal Road, Vanier
WHEN: 1-4pm
WHY: To give guidance around funding, logistics, permits and all manners of events planning needs!

To learn more: https://www.facebook.com/events/254395498458327/
To RSVP: http://www.ecologyottawa.org/ottawa_francophone_park_forum_2018


Poster Forum LAPD


Announcement: Big Trees of Kitchissippi

6 02 2018

This is an announcement from Big Trees of Kitchissippi:

Approved by city council in June 2017, the municipality’s Urban Forest Management Plan mandates a review of its 2009 Urban Tree Conservation By-law.

This by-law is important because Part III of the by-law purports to “conserve” larger trees on private property in the urban core. Recommendation #9 (PDF) from the UFMP describes the broad scope of an upcoming by-law review slated to begin this year.

When the city begins its official review of the by-law, it may convene public consultations. Let’s be ready to share our views on how this by-law can be better.

Come to a public meeting to develop and discuss citizen-led changes to the by-law. The meeting will offer participants a chance to be part of a focused discussion aimed at teasing out the issues and vision that we, as residents of the ward, have for the by-law.

When?  Saturday, March 3, 2018 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Where? Champlain Park fieldhouse, 140 Cowley Ave.

It will be crucial to communicate the list of suggestions we produce to our ward’s councillor, Jeff Leiper. At the March 3 meeting, we’ll also talk about how do that.

Mark your calendar, and plan to attend this event on March 3.



Walk With Big Trees: October 15 and 22

2 10 2017

BIG TREES of Kitchissippi is hosting the following events in October. Additional information is available on their website here.

BIG TREES of Kitchissippi is hosting two outdoor walking events, open to all, in October 2017. Celebrate the season and our big trees by learning more, talking to experts, and meeting other tree enthusiasts.

October 15, 2017 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. – Champlain Park Tree Walk – Meet at Champlain Park fieldhouse, 149 Cowley Ave.

On Sept. 27, four bur oaks in Champlain Park neighbourhood were named as heritage trees by the provincial group, Forests Ontario. On our first Walk with Trees, you’ll visit these 4 heritage trees and learn what makes them special. Plan to identify at least 3 other tree species common in Kitchissippi Ward as we move between the bur oak locations in Champlain Park neighbourhood.

Your hosts for the walk are local residents involved in BIG TREES of Kitchissippi and in the Neighbourwoods tree mapping project that’s active in Champlain Park, as well as the Champlain Oaks project. They will invite a discussion on how to protect mature trees from a two persistent pests: insects and the effects of human activity!

In case of drizzle, we will proceed with the walk. In case of heavy rain, we will move inside the fieldhouse at Champlain Park.

October 22, 2017 1:30 to 3:30 pm – Hampton Park Tree Walk –Meet near the wading pool, at the parking lot off Parkview Road, which can only be accessed from Kirkwood Avenue, via either Buell St. or Sebring Ave.

Join us for a guided Walk with tree enthusiast and master tree identifier Owen Clarkin. What species are the trees in Hampton Park? How old are they? How are they doing? Owen will share his wealth of knowledge about trees, and stories about what makes these particular trees so fascinating and important.

Forest therapy guide Andrea Prazmowski will be on hand to talk about the benefits trees provide, and their value in Ottawa’s urban environment.

For the final part of the session, we’ll have a Q & A session with tree enthusiasts who live in Kitchissippi Ward. Find out how you can get involved in protecting and planting trees — for today and for future generations.

In case of drizzle, we will proceed. In case of heavy rain, please meet at Kitchissippi United Church, 630 Island Park Drive.

At this event, we’ll collect donations to cover costs associated with Owen’s time.

Second Annual Clare Gardens Park NERF BATTLE!

26 12 2013

Friday, December 27th
1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

All ages are welcome to bring Nerf guns and see which battalion can capture the flag. Mark your bullets with three initials for easy identification. Eye gear is recommended for the youngsters.

See you in the park!

Organized by:
Volunteer Gardeners of Clare Gardens Park and Westboro Community Association

Second Annual Clare Gardens Park Trim the Christmas Tree

4 12 2013

Sunday, December 8th 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.


We have the donated tree lights and the goodies. You bring your family, friends and a tree ornament.

Together, we’ll have some fun dressing up our little “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree and singing Christmas carols.

If you can, help us spread the cheer by bringing a toy for Toy Mountain.

Meet us at the little pine tree near the stage.

See you in the park!

Volunteer Gardeners of Claire Gardens Park


Clare Gardens Park Mulch Move – Come and participate!

20 09 2013

The Volunteer Gardeners of Clare Park need your help!


The City of Ottawa has generously donated a really large pile of mulch to top dress the park’s garden beds. We need volunteers to help us move the mulch. The mulch helps keep the weeds down, protects tender roots over the winter, regenerates the soil and keeps moisture in the soil. We need this stuff.

Here’s the details for the community mulch move:

Day: Sunday, September 22, 2013

Time: 9:30 am till 1 p.m

Tools to bring: Shovels, racks, wheelbarrows (please put your name on tools)

If you don’t have tools don’t worry. Give whatever time you have to donate. All help is welcome.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Volunteer Gardeners of Claire Gardens Park

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