Tweedsmuir meeting summary

16 11 2009

For anyone interested in the official summary of the September 15th meeting for the Tweedsmuir Avenue reconstruction, it is now available here in PDF format.



4 responses

17 11 2009
renata bannatyne

I am in favour of no sidewalk on Tweedsmuir.

19 11 2009
Karl Wilson

I am in favour of a sidewalk on Tweedsmuir.

19 11 2009

We have lived on Tweedsmuir for 27 years. When the City was rehabilitating the portion between Clare and Byron in 1993, we were told no sidewalks were in the future of Tweedsmuir and that’s been ok until recently. I think most people who would support a sidewalk are doing so because they see traffic as an issue. Speed and volume have increased dramatically in the past 5 years. Sidewalks won’t slow the vehicles down, if nothing vehicles will probably go faster. Last winter we saw a snowplow three times. Does anyone honestly think we’ll see it more often? The sidewalk on Tweedsmuir between Byron and Richmond Road was of little use last winter as it didn’t get plowed whenever it snowed. Will that change if a sidewalk is installed on Tweedsmuir. At this point there is only money (I think that’s what we were told at the HIlson meeting) for Tweedsmuir from Carling to Clare. Where will the rest come from. Regardless of which side the sidewalk goes what about the trees that will be removed? Planting 2 for 1 does not work as most of the trees that may be removed are fairly mature and provide shade. Should sodewalks trump trees? NO!! As the main purpose of this sidewalk is to provide a pedestrian link from Carling to Scott just wondering if anyone has given thought to using the Hydro corridor which already has a path to Clare? So lets fix the problem if it’s traffic. My vote is NO sidewalk.

21 11 2009

I am not interested in sidewalks on Tweedsmuir.

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