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Following is a list of developments either approved, seeking minor variances or rezoning, approved and appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) – formerly the Ontario Municipal Board – or proposed, of which the WCA is aware as of June, 2019. If you are aware of developments not on this list please contact us. We can offer information regarding process, zoning etc. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Byron Place Project – Send your comments

The Board is opposed to this project. The developer is seeking a zoning change to support the construction of a six storey building with 76 apartments/condos with a party room on the roof. The project wraps around Churchill, Byron and Highcroft Avenue.  There was an open house hosted by the Councillor on June 4. Read more about it here:

Send your comments to our Councillor or the planner on the file

Committee of Adjustment

Wednesday, June 19

  • 486 Cole:  The owners have filed Consent Applications (D08-01-19/B-00133 & D08-01-19/B-00134) which, if approved, will have the effect of creating two separate parcels of land. They want to demolish their existing dwelling and to construct a two-storey semi-detached dwelling,
  • 288 Duncairn:  The Owner wants to demolish the existing two-storey, three-unit dwelling and to construct a three-storey, three-unit dwelling with a basement level, as shown on plans filed with the Committee.

Agenda and details here.

Previous posts

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Committee of Adjustment:

Committee agenda here.

  • At 576 Edison, the owner is seeking to divide the property, maintain the existing semi-detached on one half, and build a new two-storey detached dwelling on the new parcel. The owners are seeking lot width and area variances, as well as increased stair and landing projections, for the proposed detached dwelling.
  • At 446 Highland, the owner is seeking variances to replace an existing open porch with a closed one.
  • At 300A/300B Westhill, the owners are seeking to divide the property to establish separate ownerships for each half of the semi under construction.
  • At 580 Churchill, the owner is seeking to divide the property and get variances to build a long semi-detached dwelling with secondary dwelling units.
  • At 508 and 514 Roosevelt, the owner is seeking to receive variances to build long-semi detached buildings, with secondary dwelling units.

562 Edison

Issue: single dwelling replaced by “long semi” that will result in a total of 4 dwellings. A “long semi” is a semi-detached that has the entrances of each unit arranged with one at the front of the building and other in the back of the building instead of both being side by side in the front.  They take up considerable space in the back of the property (parking, etc.) and end up being built out almost right to the property line.

Public meeting January 15, 7:00 p.m., Churchill Seniors Centre, 345 Richmond Road

514 Roosevelt/483 Edison

Issue: Long semis with two secondary dwellings. Read our concerns about this project

At committee on February 5, 2019 – details TBC


Planning Committee

386 Richmond Road (former tailor shop on mainstreet Richmond)

Issue: Site Plan Control application to permit a four-storey mixed-use building including street level commercial and eight residential dwelling units.

Comments due to City December 31, 2018


Issue: Zoning by-law request to change R3R to R4G. Would increase density on a residential street by converting triplexes into fourplexes. The change in zoning opens the doors to even further intensity on the project that is already underway. Read our concerns about this project.

Goes to Planning Committee probably February 2019 – details TBC

1950 Scott Street and Clifton

Issue: Zoning by-law amendment to permit 20 storey building with 141 units, 169 parking spaces on Scott and Clifton Street.  The developer has acquired three properties on Clifton which will be a 3-storey “podium” for the building that will rise to 20 storeys on Scott. Details here.

Comments are being accepted by the City now – Andrew   Mccreight


1946 Scott Street

Issue: Zoning by-law amendment passed: Ontario Municipal Board appeal against the development of a 9-storey condo building.

Appeal has been withdrawn. Details on the project.


320 McRae, 1976 Scott, 315 Tweedsmuir

Issue:  Zoning By-law Amendment application to permit the development of a mixed-use building ranging in height from three storeys to 19 storeys, which requires an increase in permitted building height from 18 m to 60 m, as well as two four-storey mixed-use buildings.

No movement at the moment, but keep a close watch on this file.

398, 402, 406 Roosevelt – Appeal of an approved project

Issue: A six-storey apartment building will be built on a residential street.  This project has been approved by the City despite opposition from the community and Councillor Jeff Leiper.  A group of citizens has engaged a planning lawyer and has appealed the City’s decision to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) – formerly the Ontario Municipal Board. LPAT is a Province of Ontario adjudicative tribunal that hears cases in relation to a range of municipal planning, financial and land matters.

Preliminary hearing January 2019.

Projects outside our boundaries that affect us

1309 Carling – Phase 1 Westgate Redevelopment

Issue: Zoning by-law amendment/Official Plan amendment: Westgate redevelopment will include office/residential towers.  There are traffic Implications on this project for Westboro residents.

Open house Jan. 22, 2019 Alexander Community Centre, 960 Silver St. 6:30 -9:00 p.m.

180 Island Park Drive Royal Thai Embassy – Office Building on an R1 residential street

Issue: Major zoning by-law amendment to convert a residence/consulate into an office building, despite opposition voiced by nearby community associations, neighbours and Councillor Jeff Leiper.  This issue has been around for many years now and keeps returning.  Our community association is concerned by the precedence this would set for Westboro and the City.

Goes to Planning Committee – without an open house or other consultations – on January 21, 2019

Read Jeff’s comments on this issue.


PRE- 2018

 March 18, 2016 – 320 McRae, 1976 Scott Street & 315 Tweedsmuir. We have received a heads up from the City planning department about a revision request for rezoning, File D02-02-09-0581. This would be for 19 to 3 storeys at Scott and Tweedsmuir and four storeys at 320 McRae. More information can be found at

March 18,2016 – 70 Richmond Road(southwest corner od Island Park Drive). The City planning department has sent us a heads up of an application for a Zoning By-law amendment(D02-02-16-0017) and a Site Plan control(D07-12-16-001) for an upscale coffee restaurant with a drive-through. The information can be found at

The following is a list of developments either approved, seeking minor variances or rezoning, approved and appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board or proposed of which the WCA is aware as of Feb 18, 2015. As of Jan 2014 we have dropped applications that have been closed in 2013. If you are aware of developments not on this list please contact us. We can offer support regarding process, zoning etc. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.



The OMB decision has been released and the residents who appealed have won.

The decision can be found at the eDecision site of the OMB under file PL120109.



The rezoning for 319 McRae has been approved and a building permit is expected to be issued shortly. Application for Site Plan is underway.




-Mar 2013 – the parties are attempting to resolve their issues through mediation. If mediation fails they will continue with an OMB hearing



-Jan 2013 -The initial proposal was for a six storey building with retail at grade and 5 storeys of rental units. Minor variances were required and the hearing was to be on Feb 6th.

-The new owner is now proposing 9 storeys which we assume will be a re-zoning application.

-The owner has arranged for a meeting on Aug 7th at Hilson School at 7PM

-Mar 2013 – we have not yet been notified of an application for rezoning to the new height.

-Nov 2013 – comments have been submitted regarding the rezoning to 9 storeys. Go to and search on Kitchissippi or D02-02-13-0061 for all the information. As soon as we know the date it will be discussed at Planning Committee we will post the info.

-Jan 2014 – owner changed their mind and sought a rezoning to 9 storeys which was approved by Planning Committee.

-February 2014 – the decision of Council has been appealed to the OMB

-April 2014 – we have been advised that the appeal has been dropped

-Site Plan Application is underway

-The garage is gone as of Feb 6, 2015



-The proposed development is for an 11 unit low rise apartment building with 7 vehicular parking spaces as well as amenity areas on site. Changes required are: Height increase from 11M to 14.74M, An increase in the permitted units, Reduced front yard setback to 2.95M, A reduced landscape area from 30% to 18%, Reduced laneway to 3M from 6.7M, Increase in the grade of the driveway from 2% to 9%

-To see the documents go to and input the file D02 -02-13-0034 and D07-12-13-0051.


 (NEW) Churchill Ave and Whitby Ave (corner of) Application for re-zoning and site plan control

-The proposal can be found at            /devapps and searching on Kitchissippi or D07-12-13-0196 or D02-02-13-0106


-642 Tweedsmuir – owner wants to demolish existing single home on a 51X107 lot which they wish to sever into 2 lots and build a double. They require several minor variances. The CoA hearing will be held Feb 5th. Plans can be viewed at the CoA office. It has been approved with some changes.


-408 Tweedsmuir – to be heard Mar 5th at the Comm of Adjustment. The owners wish to demolish an existing residence and build 2 triplexes. They require a couple of minor variances for each unit. It has been approved

-we have been advised the decision has been appealed to the OMB


-540 Mebourne at Princeton – the owner wished to demolish the existing residence and erect a semi-detached. A couple of minor variances are required for each side. The application is to be heard March 5th at the Comm of Adjustment. It has been approved.


-300 Currell Ave – to be heard Mar 19 at the CoA. The CoA approved a similar proposal for this address in 2012. However the owner failed to act in a timely manner and has also revised the building plans. The minor variances are for a reduced lot width of 7.62M whereas the By-law requires 9M. Lot area of 231 sq m whereas the By-law requires 270 sq M.

We assume it has been approved.


-461 Golden Ave – to be heard Mar 19 at the CoA. The applicant wishes to sever the existing lot and retain the existing dwelling. The proposal is to build a 2.5 storey dwelling on the new lot. The existing garage is to be demolished. Neither lot will conform to the By-law. A minor variance for lot width of 10.06M from 12M is sought. To permit a building height of 8.84M where the By-law permits 8M. To permit a driveway gradient of 11% where the By-law permits a gradient of 8%. To permit the garage to be closer to the front lot line than the front wall of the dwelling. It was ultimately approved with some minor changes.


-638 Tweedsmuir Ave – to be heard at the CoA May 7 at 3PM. Application for a minor variance  to permit the construction of a porch on the north side of the existing house. Approved.


-546 Kenwood Ave – to be heard May 7at 1PM – the owners wish to construct a two storey home with a two car garage. They require the following minor variances from the CoA. 1) an increase in height from 8M to 9M 2) the zoning permits a garage to be 50% of the front elevation and they require 92% 3) an increased front yard setback of 9.5M whereas the By-law requires 6M. For Zoning purposes Denbury Ave is deemed to be the frontage of the property. The WCA does not know what was decided.


-475 Churchill Ave – to be heard May 7 at 1PM. This property was granted severance in 2013 by the CoA. Now they wish to create a right of way over a portion of their property for the property at 475B Churchill so they can reach parking at the rear. The WCA was not informed of the decision.


-475B Churchill Ave – to be heard May 7 at 1PM. This property was created with the approval of the CoA in 2013. The new owners wish to build a duplex and need the consent of the CoA for the following minor variances. 1) to permit a reduced lot width of 10.3M where the By-law requires 12M 2) to permit a reduced area of 313.4 sq m where the By-law requires 360 3) to permit a front yard setback of 8.14M where the By-law requires 6M. As above.


-376 Madison Ave (371-375 Richmond) – Domicile Developments and its agent FoTenn Consultants have applied for a rezoning of the properties listed. They wish to construct a nine storey condo building. The re-zoning application is to permit a reduction in visitor parking, for the site to be considered one lot and to permit an increase in building height to 29.36M. For more information go to and using the search tool input the file number D02-02-14-0100. Another option is to contact Doug James, the City planner at 580-2424 x13856.


-249 Richmond Road (Whispers) – the owner wishes to an outdoor patio on the roof. They require the permission of the Committee of Adjustment as they are too close to a residential zone to the North and they are seeking 1.8 metres greater than is permitted  in the By-law. The hearing is January 14th.


-526 Kenwood Ave (corner of Hillcrest) – the owner wishes to demolish the existing building of 2.5 storeys to be able to construct a two storey detached dwelling of 9.7 metres in height. They need the permission of the Committee of Adjustment as the height limit in this area is 8 metres. The hearing is January 14th. CoA said YES to the application.


-565 Athlone Ave. An application to the CoA for minor variance to permit a front and rear yard setback for semi detached. Was heard Feb 4th.


-352 Winona Ave. The owner wishes to construct a second floor addition. Needs a minor variance for a reduced rear yard setback and area. To be heard by the CoA on Feb 18th at 1PM.


-370 Tillbury Ave. The owner wishes to subdivide the property. One property will retain the 6 unit bldg. The other site is to construct a three unit three storey. A number of minor variances are required for both properties. This application is to be heard Feb 18 at 1PM.

-359 Madison Ave. The current construction is not in compliance with the zoning by-law. The owner requires a minor variance to permit a building height of 8.92M where the zoning by-law permits a maximum height of 8M. The application is to be heard on Feb 18 at 1PM.


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