Committee constrains size of Domicile development, Council decision to come

25 05 2018

From Councillor Leiper:


On Tuesday, Planning Committee voted to reduce the allowed height of the Domicile-proposed development on Roosevelt by a storey. Committee members supported a motion made by my colleague Tobi Nussbaum at the meeting in recognition of the concerns raised by myself and the community about the inappropriateness of introducing a traditional-mainstreet-style building on a residential street (original proposal pictured).

The motion was carried on a 6-3 split vote, including with my support. While I was seeking an outright rejection of the proposal, I believe this compromise is an improvement over the original.

The amended recommendation still needs to be passed by Council, which will vote on it on June 13. I am contemplating my approach as we near that vote. I reached out yesterday to Domicile and they are still digesting the amendment’s implications.

Councillor Nussbaum’s motion read:

WHEREAS, the Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) strongly believes that the scale and mass of the building is too large for the size of the site; and

WHEREAS, the UDRP recommends the building be lowered in height to four storeys, with the possibility of stepping back to a fifth storey to improve the transition toward the residential area to the north and west;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Planning Committee recommend Council approve the following modifications:

•     Amend recommendation 1 to “Planning Committee recommends Council approve an amendment to Zoning By-law 2008-250 for 398, 402 and 406 Roosevelt Avenue to permit a five storey mixed use building as detailed in Document 2”, and

•     Amend recommendation 2, subsection c, by deleting the words “five” and “fifth” and inserting the word “four” and “fourth” in the following paragraph: “Where the building height is greater than five storeys, at or above the fifth storey the building must be setback a minimum of 2m more than the provided setback from the rear lot line; and

•     Amend the words “maximum of six storeys is permitted” to read “maximum of five storeys is permitted” in recommendation 2, subsection c.

CARRIED, on a division of 6 yeas and 3 nays, as follows:
YEAS (6): Councillors R. Brockington, R. Chiarelli, J. Cloutier, J. Leiper, T. Nussbaum, S. Qadri
NAYS (3): Councillors S. Blais, A. Hubley, Vice-chair T. Tierney

Development on Winona

12 01 2009

More residential development, this time on Winona Ave.

The Committee of Adjustment hearing for this one is on Wednesday January 14th starting at 1:00 p.m. in The Chamber at Ben Franklin Place.

View the CoA notice here in PDF format: page one, and page two.

Development on Roosevelt

12 01 2009

There’s been a bit of buzz in the neighborhood regarding a proposed residential development at 562/564 Roosevelt Avenue near Princeton.

These files have been in circulation, but for those who haven’t seen them yet, here are some PDFs (1) the proposed site plan and (2) a view of the front elevation. The Committee of Adjustment hearing is on Wednesday January 14th at 1:00 p.m. in The Chamber at Ben Franklin Place.

View the details of the CoA notice in PDF format here.

Notice re: the old Canadian Tire

22 10 2008

A number of residents have approached the WCA with concerns about the development of the old Canadian Tire. Well, now’s your chance to speak up.

The following is from a Committee of Adjustment notice concerning this property (119 Richmond Road):

“The Owner wants to demolish the existing 1-storey commercial building in order to construct an 8-storey retail/residential building, as shown on plans filed with the Committee. The ground floor facing Richmond Road will contain retail units with 174 residential retirement units above, and 3 levels of underground parking to be accessed from Patricia Avenue. “

Read the rest of the document in PDF format.

The Committee is meeting Wednesday November 5, 2008.

Additional info re: Westboro Station

12 05 2008

We’ve had some residents ask us for information about the original Committee of Adjustment hearing regarding the first phase of Westboro Station/Bourk development. Click on this link to view a PDF of what was originally requested and granted.

Another ‘minor variance’

6 04 2008

We have just received notice for an application for a ‘minor variance’  for 670 Edison. In January the applicant received approval for the creation of 3 conforming lots at the corner of Edison and Greenwood. At the time the question was asked if the proposed housing met all the conditions of the Zoning By-law and therefore didn’t require any minor variances. The applicant replied that they required no minor variances. Now they have applied for minor variances for the 3 houses. There is a height limit in Westboro for two storeys. The applicant wants to build 3 storeys. In November 2007 the CoA approved another application for a 3 storey residence on Edison near Greenwood with the comment that there would be no impact on the community. It appears there could be an impact and we would like to hear from you so we know what you think about this specific application and the impact of having 3 storeys in a 2 storey community.

Gary Ludington 

300 Richmond Road and Community Design Plan

24 03 2008

[edited with additional links]

As many of you know a Community Design Plan for Richmond Road was completed after more than two years of work by the City, 10 different community groups, local property owners, architects and developers. It was passed last July by City Council with a directive to staff to prepare the necessary change for the City’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law, which should happen this April.

Cassone Construction Ltd., the owner of 300 Richmond Road (corner of Richmond and Eden Ave.), applied to the Committee of Adjustment to build a 5 storey building that would basically fill the entire lot. The hearing was heard on Nov 21, 2006 by the Committee of Adjustment and the application was refused. Mr. Cassone filed an appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board. The OMB sent notice of the hearing dated Feb 22, 2008. The date of the hearing is April 10/11 2008. The WCA sent a letter to Councillor Leadman on March 7 seeking her help. Councillor Leadman will be making a request to Planning and Environment Committee at their meeting on Tuesday March 25th, and will be asking the City to defend the policy they approved last July. We need your support and help on this issue. Our request is being supported by Woodroffe North, McKellar Park and Woodpark community associations.

Please contact Councillor Leadman by email, phone 613-580-2485, FAX 613-580-2525 or by coming to the meeting on Tuesday.

Please note, the meeting starts at 9:30 AM and we have no way of knowing when this item might get heard.

  • Click here to view theRichmond Road/Westboro Community Design Plan.
  • Click here to view a PDF copy of our letter to Councillor Leadman.

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