Westboro-Dominion Planning Study: Comments Due May 31 

23 05 2019

From the City:


Westboro-Dominion Planning Study 

Good morning,

This email is to let you know that the City of Ottawa is undertaking a review of planning policies and zoning for lands near the Westboro and Dominion Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations. You can visit the project website, Ottawa.ca/WestboroDominionStudy for more information including a short Discussion Paper on the main issues we’ll be reviewing.

(Please note: this study should not be confused with the the planning study currently underway for the area south of Byron Avenue, as a result of Interim Control By-law 2018-362. For information on that study, please contact Robert Sandercott atrobert.sandercott@ottawa.ca.)

The Richmond Road-Westboro Secondary Plan (RRWSP) was adopted in 2008 and provides planning guidance to a large area extending from Island Park Drive in the east to the Sir John A. MacDonald parkway in the west. However, in recent years, development pressure on lands close to the new Westboro and Dominion Light Rail Transit stations has underscored the need for more clarity in that area.

Accordingly, the Westboro-Dominion Planning Study will address in greater detail those lands that are generally:

  • West of Island Park Drive
  • North of Byron Avenue
  • East of Dominion Street, and
  • South of the Transitway and Lanark Avenue.

The Westboro-Dominion Planning Study will not seek to replace the broader Richmond Road-Westboro Secondary Plan (RRWSP.) Rather, it will review, amend and/or expand the policies of the Richmond Road-Westboro plan only as they relate to the lands described above.



For more information, provide comments, or sign up for updates on this project, please contact us:

By mail at:

Westboro-Dominion Planning Study

c/o Tim J. Moerman, MCIP, RPP

Ottawa City Hall, mail code 01-15

110 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1


By phone at (613) 580-2424 ext. 13944

By fax at (613) 580-2459

By email at westboro-dominion@ottawa.ca or tim.moerman@ottawa.ca


City of Ottawa: New Official Plan

15 05 2019

From the City of Ottawa:


The City of Ottawa Official Plan provides a vision for the future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide the city’s physical development. In 2019, the City of Ottawa will begin a multi-year process to develop a new Official Plan.

More information, including how to be involved, can be found by clicking here.


Stage 2 Confederation Line West – SJAM Realignment Preparatory Works

15 05 2019

Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit Project

SJAM Parkway Cut and Cover Preparatory Activity

May through December 2019

Please see the attached posters from the Stage 2 Team

Etape 2 TLR_Promenade Sir John A. Macdonald – Travaux préparatoires à la tranchée couverte_Mai 2019 Stage 2 LRT_ Sir John A Macdonal Parkway Prepatory Works_May 2019

Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club Open House: TONIGHT

14 05 2019

Please see the attached poster from the Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club.


Open House Flyer

70 Richmond Rd (Champlain Oil) future development – Public Consultation to review 3 options

11 05 2019

From Councillor Leiper’s newsletter, which can be found here.


70 Richmond Rd (Champlain Oil) future development – Public Consultation to review 3 options

Some of you may recall that in 2015, Built Heritage Sub-Committee, Planning Committee and Council gave a heritage designation for the old cottage gas station at the corner of Richmond Road and Island Park Drive. Since the designation, the property has changed hands and is now owned by the Trinity Group who are now ready to move forward with re-developing the property.

The subject site is zoned Traditional Mainstreet, TM [83] H(15), which permits up to 6-storeys in height. Trinity is proposing that to keep the height of a future development more in line with the permitted zoning, they would need to remove the heritage gas station. However, they are open to keeping the heritage gas station, but would need to build a taller building.

The Trinity Group has prepared three re-development options that they would like to consult the public on:

7-storey with no retention of the heritage gas station

This option would see the demolition of the heritage gas station, and a 7-storey mixed-used development, with retail at grade and residential on the above floors.


8-storey with no retention of the heritage gas station with greater step-backs

This option would also see the demolition of the heritage gas station, and an 8-storey mixed-used development, with retail at grade and residential on the above floors, with greater step-backs provided at the fifth and eighth storeys.


9-storey with the retention of the heritage gas station with greater step-backs

This option would see the retention of the heritage gas station, which would then be moved to the front of the property as part of a 9-storey, mixed-use development with retail at grade (within the heritage gas station) and residential on the above floors, with step-backs at the fifth and eighth storeys.

We have attached rendering packages of each option below. Please let us know if you have any issues opening the documents. In addition, our office is also hosting a public consultation to review these options on. At the consultation, the applicant’s team will be on hand to run through the concepts, and the lead planner will be available to field process questions. Jeff will also facilitate a Q + A.

Wednesday, May 29 


Presentation begins at 7:00pm

Van Lang Field House

We encourage you to send feedback both to our office (via Jeff.Leiper@Ottawa.ca and/or Fiona.Mitchell@Ottawa.ca) as well as to the lead planner on the file (via Jennifer.Kluke@Ottawa.ca).

Please note that once a formal application is filed, the application will be subject to an additional round of public feedback. We will review those details in the future.

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the three options!

70 Richmond – 9 floors Presentation 70 Richmond – 8 floors Presentation 70 Richmond – 7 floors Presentation


Highway 417 Eastbound On and Off Ramp Closures at Maitland

10 05 2019

From the Ministry of Transportation:


I just wanted to follow up with respect to the closures of the Highway 417 Eastbound off-ramp and on-ramp at Maitland Avenue. These ramps are both still scheduled to be closed prior to the morning rush-hour on Monday May 13th.

In conjunction with the City of Ottawa traffic section, we have modified the detour for Northbound Maitland Avenue traffic trying to access the Highway 417 EB on-ramp. To avoid additional congestion at the intersection of Carling Avenue and Maitland Ave, which is currently being used as the detour for the Carling Avenue WB off-ramp closure, Northbound Maitland traffic will be detoured to Carling Avenue via Woodward Drive to Clyde Ave. I have attached a rough sketch showing the detour route.

Maitland EB Revised Detour(1)


OttawaCitizen.com: Councillor almost convinces council to block builder adding units to Westboro triplexes

10 05 2019

Councillor almost convinces council to block builder adding units to Westboro triplexes

A councillor on Wednesday came up just short of convincing council to send a message to builders about being upfront with neighbours.

Falsetto Homes, the owner of the triplexes at 348 and 350 Winona Ave. in Westboro, wants to add a fourth unit to each. The buildings are southwest of the Westboro transit station.

Kitchissippi Coun. Jeff Leiper told council that the city’s reputation on defending zoning rules was on the line and he wanted colleagues to reject the application for the fourth units.

According to Leiper, the developer built the triplexes with the community of adjustment’s approval. The fourth units were roughed-in, with the developer knowing it would eventually come back to the city for permission to add the fourth units, Leiper said. However, the community was told they would only be triplexes.

The planning committee last month heard from a consultant representing the property owner who said triplex developers are using a two-step process to quickly generate revenue before going through with a costly planning approval process to get the fourth units. They do this knowing full well they might not get the fourth-unit approval from council.

Leiper warned councillors that the developer strategy won’t be a problem only affecting his central-west community.

“This is an issue that’s coming to your ward soon,” he told them.

Council voted 13-10 to allow the fourth units.

Innes Coun. Laura Dudas, who was the acting mayor while Jim Watson recovered from an eye procedure, voted at council to approve the fourth units after voting in opposition with Leiper and Stittsville Coun. Glen Gower at planning committee.

“I want to send a clear message to developers that they have to be forthcoming to our community,” Dudas said after the council meeting.

“They have to respect our communities, but at the end of the day, is this something we have to stand up for? Yes, most certainly, but I know that we also need to have infill in our communities. We need to build up around our transportation systems. We need to make sure that we’re providing people places to live close to transit priority areas. At the end of the day, after speaking with staff and seeking that clarification, I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. We still need to be firm with developers and make sure they understand that having that dialogue with our community is essential, but I wanted to make the best decision for our city and for that community.”

Councillor almost convinces council to block builder adding units to Westboro triplexes


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