Join us for a RAIN Home Visit this Saturday!

9 07 2019

This message is from EnviroCentre:


Join us for a RAIN Home Visit to look at how downspouts, rain barrels, gardens and other solutions help protect your home, community and waterways by managing rainwater where it falls.

This interactive home tour will be led by a certified RAIN Guide from Green Communities Canada. The guided assessment is a comprehensive 1½ hour visit to help homeowners find the best solutions to address trouble spots at your own home.

The two tours will take place in the Westboro area. The location will be provided after you register. Space is limited! The tours will take place “Rain or Shine”. These tours will be presented in English with opportunity to ask questions in French.

  • Saturday, July 13 – 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  • Saturday, July 13 – 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Register here!

The project is part of the City of Ottawa’s Pinecrest Creek/ Westboro Stormwater Management Retrofit plan to reduce the harmful impacts of stormwater.

The Pinecrest Neighbourhood RAIN project is working with homeowners to manage rainwater runoff, protect and beautify their properties, and keep our creeks and rivers healthy. RAIN holds information sessions and workshops, showcases best practices in the community and shares practical tips on ways to Slow It Down, Soak it Up and Keep it Clean.



Venez vous joindre à nous lors d’une « Visite à domicile RAIN ». Nous examinerons comment les tuyaux de descente pluviale, les citernes, les jardins et d’autres solutions peuvent vous aider à protéger votre maison, votre communauté et les cours d’eau en gérant l’eau de pluie là où elle tombe.

Cette visite interactive sera animée par un guide certifié RAIN de Green Communities CanadaCette évaluation guidée se compose d’une visite approfondie d’une heure et demie au cours de laquelle les propriétaires parviendront à trouver les solutions qui répondront au mieux aux problèmes identifiés dans leurs maisons.

Les deux visites se dérouleront dans la région de Westboro.. Les adresses vous seront transmises après votre inscription. Le nombre de places est limité! Les visites auront lieu « beau temps, mauvais temps ». Ces visites se feront en anglais mais vous pourrez poser vos questions en français.

  • Le samedi 13 juillet, de 10 h à 11 h 30
  • Le samedi 13 juillet, de 13 h à 14 h 30

Enregistrez ici !

Le projet Pluie du quartier Pinecrest aide les propriétaires à gérer le ruissellement de l’eau de pluie, à protéger et embellir leur propriété ainsi qu’à garder nos ruisseaux et nos rivières en santé. Lors de séances d’information et d’ateliers, les résidents peuvent découvrir des meilleures pratiques et obtenir des conseils pour ralentir l’eau pluviale et la garder propre.

Ce projet s’inscrit dans le Plan de modernisation de la gestion des eaux pluviales du ruisseau Pinecrest/Westboro de la Ville d’Ottawa, dont le but est de réduire les effets néfastes des eaux pluviales.   


Please note that our office is a scent-free space. 
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Shakespeare is coming to Clare Gardens Park!

4 07 2019

Bear and Company presents “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Clare Gardens park on July 11 and 25. Get all the details here:




4 07 2019

Councillor Leiper is holding an open house for property at 2070 Scott, at the corner of Scott and Churchill. No formal applications have been filed at this point but it is anticipated that a Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Control will be required. The applicants are proposing a 23-storey building with a 5-storey podium, with entry and egress on Winona. They are proposing roughly 200 rental units. Further, they are proposing a restaurant use at grade facing Churchill, as well as 8 metres of landscaping between the building and the first residential property on Winona.

Councillor Leiper is moving forward with an initial open house in order to start receiving feedback and comments on this proposed development. The open house will be:

Thursday, July 11 2019


Granite Curling Club (2026 Scott St)



Important meeting today: Thursday, July 4, 7:00 p.m. at Dovercourt

4 07 2019

Preparing for LPAT Appeal of Long Semis at 582 Churchill

A note from Eric Milligan:

On February 20, the City’s Committee of Adjustment approved a developer’s proposal to tear down the home at 582 Churchill Ave., subdivide the property, and put up two “long-semi” detached buildings.  Each building will contain two primary dwelling units and two secondary dwelling units.  That’s a total of 8 new dwellings where there is now only one.


This type of excessive intensification has been rampant throughout Westboro.  If the developer is allowed to proceed with building 8 dwelling units, it will be a “green light” for other developers to do the same (or worse).   Eventually, the homes on Churchill, from Byron to Carling, will be replaced by higher density developments, including low-rise apartments.


Two Westboro neighbours have appealed the COA’s approval of the development.  The Ontario Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) will hold a one-day hearing on August 7th.


A meeting has been organized of the affected neighbours on Churchill and Edison avenues for Thursday, July 4th, 7 p.m. in the “Neo Lore” room at the Dovercourt Community Centre.  The purpose of the meeting is to explain the LPAT appeal process and have neighbours make decisions on how they would like to proceed.   It is possible to participate in a LPAT appeal without hiring a lawyer or planner.  However, the chances of success are reduced.   In any case, there are things that neighbours can do to help prepare for the appeal.



Highway 417 Westbound Off Ramp Closure at Maitland: July 2-9, 2019

25 06 2019

From the Ministry of Transportation


Please be advised that the Westbound off-ramp at Maitland Avenue will be closed for 1 week from Tuesday July 2nd to Tuesday July 9th to facilitate the widening of Highway 417. During this period, the attached detour route will be signed for motorists looking to exit Highway 417 at this location.


Maitland WB Off-Ramp Detour

Westboro developers won’t take “No” for an answer: Eric Milligan

25 06 2019

From the Kitchissippi Times


Westboro developers won’t take “No” for an answer

by Eric Milligan

Developers are continuing their efforts to introduce high intensification infills in the Westboro residential neighbourhood.


In February, largely due to a massive display of opposition by affected neighbours, the Committee of Adjustment rejected developers’ infill proposals to build a total of 16 residential units (four “long” semi-detached buildings with secondary units) at 508 and 514 Roosevelt Ave.   Currently, each of these properties has a single family home.


In March, again largely due to the opposition of a very determined group of Westboro neighbours and the Westboro Community Association, the Committee of Adjustment refused to approve a developer’s proposal to replace a single family home at 694 Roosevelt with two triplexes.


In all of these cases, the Committee of Adjustment concluded that the requested variances from the City’s zoning bylaw were not “minor”. Neighbours voiced concerns about the loss of trees, greenspace, a significant increase in paved areas, inadequate parking, issues with garbage storage and collection, and an inappropriate level of intensification.   Virtually the entire rear of the each property was to be paved for tenant parking.


Neighbours on Roosevelt Ave, and those in behind, on Cole Ave., made it clear that they were not opposed to infills or to moderate levels of intensification.   However, they were united in their opposition to developments that resulted in an inappropriately large increase in residences and in buildings that were entirely out of character with the surrounding properties.


The developers, however, are not taking “no” for an answer. In all three cases, they have now appealed the Committee of Adjustment decisions to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal(formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board).   They have hired experienced lawyers who specialize in land-use law and professional planners who will appear as expert witnesses in the appeal hearings. It is expected that the City planners will continue to support the infill proposals as they did at the Committee of Adjustment.


The hearings of the three appeals are likely to take place in late July/early August and early September.   The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) is a quasi-judicial tribunal. The entire process for LPAT appeals is very legally-oriented. The outcome is highly dependent on the professional opinions of expert planners and on the skill of the lawyers who represent the parties.   The neighbours affected by the long semis at 508 and 514 Roosevelt are organizing and addressing the need to raise up to $30,000 for lawyers and planners who would support their case before the Tribunal. The neighbours affected by the proposed triplexes at 694 Roosevelt are faced with the same challenges.


There is actually is a fourth appeal underway.   In February, the Committee of Adjustment approved a development involving two long-semis with secondary units (a total of 8 residences) for 582 Churchill. The adverse impacts are largely similar to those of the Roosevelt developments.   Two neighbours have appealed the decision approving this infill development.


Time is short, and the developers and their hired professionals have a clear advantage in this new stage of the intensification fight in Westboro.   The decisions taken by the LPAT in these appeals will have impacts in Westboro far beyond the immediate neighbours.


If this type of development is approved it will set a precedent.   Other properties with older homes throughout the Westboro residential area will become targets for developers.   Competition among developers is driving up the prices of properties.   This means that they increase the number of dwelling units per lot in order to generate the profit they desire.  It is a recipe for rampant intensification and transformation of the Westboro neighbourhood: lot, by lot, by lot.


No matter where you live in Westboro, the quality of life in your neighbourhood is at risk from excessive infill intensification.   If you are concerned about the future of your community, reach out to your neighbours and join the resistance.


Rain Garden-Ask and Expert Workshop: June 23, 2019

22 06 2019

From EnviroCentre and the City of Ottawa


EnviroCentre and the City of Ottawa RAIN Program are pleased to be offering a Rain Garden-Ask and Expert Workshop at Home Depot this Sunday!  Please drop by with your pictures, ideas and questions for a free 10-15 minute consultation with our guest landscape designer Sara-Jane Campbell.


Rain Garden Ask an Expert Q&A

Sunday, June 23 9-11 am

Home Depot (1900 Baseline Rd)

To reserve a time slot, send us a message through Facebook!

Landscape Designer Sara Jane Campbell will be onsite to help get your garden ready for rain!


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