Update on Golden closure

4 03 2008

As a follow-up to our December letter regarding the possible closure of Golden Avenue between Richmond and Byron, I and WCA vice-chair Cherolyn Knapp recently met with Councillor Leadman to clarify the status of this proposal.

We are able to confirm that:

  • Bourk Family Developments (owners of Westboro Station) do not intend to proceed with their application to close the street at this time.
  • No other closure applications for Golden Avenue are currently on the table or in the pipeline.
  • In the near future the Councillor intends to use funds from her office to sponsor an analysis of the transportation impacts of any future closing. This study will take into account the issues and recommendations already identified in the Westboro/Highland/McKellar Park Area Traffic Management Study which is nearing completion.

Wallace Beaton
WCA Chair

Important update re: proposed closure of Golden

16 12 2007

It wouldn’t be a proper discussion without a site plan, would it?

A detailed site plan has recently been obtained from the Planning Department.

Here it is in PDF format.

It is dated October 12.

This site plan was not available for view at the public consultation on December 5th. Note the site plan identifies an appropriation of city-owned land to the west of Golden.

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