Ottawa West Bike Share Survey

25 01 2011

…. developed by SLOWest is online here. Your participation will help determine the need and feasibility of bike sharing in our community.

The survey will be available online until the week of January 31 – Feb 4.



Richmond Road / Westboro Transportation Management Implementation Plan: Public Open House

14 09 2010

This just came in from the City of Ottawa.

>We would like to invite you to attend a second Public Open House scheduled for this Thursday, September 16, 2010 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at All Saints Anglican Church (located at 347 Richmond Road). This open house will give you a chance to comment on a series of initiatives that are proposed to be implemented in your community over the next 15 years to encourage a shift from auto dependence to more sustainable modes of transportation (walking, cycling, transit, etc.).

This meeting is open to the general public.

Please see this PDF for more information.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to obtain further information, please contact :

Steven Boyle, MCIP, RPP
Senior Project Manager
Transportation Planning Branch
Planning and Growth Management Department
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario  K1P 1J1
Tel.: 613-580-2424 ext. 26087
Fax:  613-580-2578


Tim Dickinson, M.Pl., MCIP, RPP
Senior Planner
MMM Group Limited
1111 Prince of Wales Drive, Suite 302
Ottawa , Ontario  K2C 3T2
Tel.: 613.274.3200 Ext. 3546
Fax: 613.236.2270

Richmond Road/Westboro Transportation Management Implementation Plan Open House

23 06 2010

As part of the Council approved Richmond Road/Westboro Community Design Plan direction was given to develop a Transportation Management Implementation Plan (TMIP) for this area.

The main aim of the project is to detail how over a period of years a lower automobile modal share could be achieved though the identification and evaluation of initiatives to promote transit and other non-vehicular modes of transportation (e.g. cycling, pedestrian, and other transportation demand management initiatives).

These measures would reduce vehicle dependency in order to accommodate anticipated development in the Richmond Road/Westboro community and to respond to future capacity deficiencies in the Richmond Road corridor.

You are invited to an Open House at:

Tuesday June 29, 2010
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
All Saints Anglican Church, Main Hall
347 Richmond Road

In order to:

  • share feedback about existing barriers to non-vehicular modes of transportation
  • get information about existing vehicle trips and future goals for trip reductions, current City of Ottawa citywide plans and other potential initiatives

View this PDF for details.

Transit changes in Westboro

21 05 2009

“Schedule and route changes to Ottawa’s transit system won the approval of city council’s transit committee on Wednesday, despite reservations from some councillors.”

Westboro resident Ian Thomson said people in his neighbourhood were “shocked and angered” by what they viewed as radical changes to the system after the disastrous winter strike.

Read the full story at the Ottawa Citizen website. 

We’d love to hear what you think. Will the proposed changes help or hinder transit in Westboro?

Last day to comment on Transplan

25 04 2009

The deadline for comments on OC Transpo’s Transplan 2009 proposals is today (April 25). See previous post about it here.

In spite of our and Councillor Leadman’s efforts, OC Transpo did not agree to extend the deadline. We encourage you to copy your comments here on the blog or email them to us at Thank you!

Proposed changes to transit service in Westboro

21 04 2009

As part of its annual “Transplan” exercise OC Transpo has issued a series of proposed changes to transit service in the near west end that affect a number of routes serving the Westboro area. The deadline for public comments is April 25 but given the signficance of some of the possible service changes, the WCA has asked Councillor Leadman to request that OC Transpo extend this deadline by at least one week.

In the meantime, we encourage you to review the changes on the OC Transpo website and submit comments to OC Transpo as well as posting them here on our blog so as to help the WCA board come up with its own position on this issue.

Wallace Beaton
WCA co-chair

Re: City of Ottawa 2008 Transportation Master Plan

25 11 2008

November 23, 2008

Mayor Larry O’Brien and Members of Council
City of Ottawa
111 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa K1P 1J1

Re: City of Ottawa 2008 Transportation Master Plan

Dear Mayor & Councillors,

The Westboro Community Association wishes to make the following comments regarding the City’s draft 2008 Transportation Master Plan:

  • The current plan invests too heavily in further expansion of the existing Transitway at the expense of moving more quickly to implement the proposed light rail network. This continued short-term focus on bus-based rapid transit will only drive up the city’s already high transit operating costs, flies in the face of residents’ strong preference for light rail solutions expressed throughout the public consultation process, and will divert scarce resources away from much-needed improvements to OC Transpo’s existing core network. We believe that a large portion of the +$600 million currently allocated for completing the Transitway should be re-directed to building more light rail during Phase 1 of the TMP’s implementation.
  • We urge you to consider Carling Avenue as an alternative to the Ottawa River Parkway (ORP)and Byron Avenue corridors for light rail rapid transit service. Compared to ORP and Byron, Carling offers many potential advantages:
    o City-owned.
    o Delivers rapid transit closer to many more residents as well as large employment and commercial centres including the Civic and Royal Ottawa hospitals as well as Carlingwood and Westgate shopping centres.
    o It avoids protracted negotiations with the NCC the outcome and cost implications of which are unknown.
    o A straight east-west alignment.
    o Protects existing greenspace and environmentally-sensitive areas along the Ottawa River.
    o Adjacent properties along Carling offer significant redevelopment/intensification opportunities that would generate future revenue for the City through development charges and property taxes. The ORP corridor offers none.
    o Greater consistency with the City’s official plan which seeks to concentrate development near existing transportation corridors and infrastructure.

Therefore we urge Council to undertake a full cost/benefit analysis as well as authorize completion of the environmental assessment of the Carling corridor on the basis of using it for rapid light rail service during the first phase of TMP implementation.


Wallace Beaton

Gary Ludington
Westboro Community Association

Marie Lemay, CEO National Capital Commission
Paul Dewar, MP, Ottawa-Centre
Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa-Centre
John Baird, MP, Ottawa West-Nepean
Jim Watson, MPP, Ottawa West-Nepean
City Clerk, City of Ottawa

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