Sewer work at Byron and Roosevelt

3 09 2019

Emergency sewer work was conducted last week at Byron/Roosevelt and is ongoing. The Councillor’s office has confirmed that the builder of the new homes on the southwest corner there had connected to an old discontinued sanitary sewer rather than the new pipe that runs in that stretch. That is now being corrected while the City and builder discuss who bears responsibility for originally making the wrong connection. Stay tuned for the outcome.

Westboro Community Association at this year’s FUSE!

26 08 2019

A good time was had by all last weekend at Westboro FUSE Festival, held August 17 and 18!  As we did last year, Westboro Community Association hosted Ecology Ottawa at our kiosk in support of their efforts to promote and protect a healthy, city-wide urban canopy.  In spite of a rainy weekend, Ecology Ottawa signed up 124 people for their Tree Giveaway Program, handed out 277 saplings, and raised $265 in on-site donations.  Thanks to Westboro tree-lovers everywhere!  You rock!


Fire Safety in our Ward

23 08 2019

In collaboration with Ottawa Fire Services, Councillor Leiper’s office is hosting an After the Fire Program information session. During the session there will be information on fire safety, how to prevent a fire and what to do if you discover a fire. The session was suggested after some recent devastating fires in the Hintonburg area, but it is open to residents from across the ward. The Councillor’s has offered to facilitate another session in another part of the ward if there is interest.


Romeo and Juliet at Lions Park tomorrow!

23 07 2019

It’s a circus of romance!  Join us Wednesday July 24, 7:00 pm at Lions Park in Westboro to see Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers! Bring the kids early and enjoy free popcorn and face painting courtesy of the Westboro Community Association. The park can be accessed at Elmgrove.

Community Association Update on the Westboro Infill Zoning Study

23 07 2019



In October 2018, Council adopted an Interim Control Bylaw (ICB) prohibiting the development of new three-unit dwellings (triplexes) within selected Westboro neighbourhoods located south of Byron Avenue.  This bylaw was enacted in response to enormous development pressures within these neighbourhoods, whereby modest single-family homes on large treed lots were being demolished and replaced by triplexes and other densely massed housing forms.  Westboro residents had voiced their concerns about this rapid rate of intensification, the loss of urban tree canopy, and a sense that our wonderful, walkable streets were disappearing block by block.  Council adopted the Interim Control Bylaw to put on the brakes long enough to give city staff the chance to study Westboro’s infill development issues.

Goal of the Study

The goal of the Westboro Infill Zoning Study is to implement zoning changes that will allow for more sensitive infill that contributes to, and builds on, the important characteristics of Westboro’s neighbourhoods.

City Establishes Multi-Stakeholder Working Group

In early spring, the City convened a Stakeholder Working Group for the study to discuss infill development in Westboro and to provide input at key points throughout the project.  This working group comprises city staff, members of the local development industry, members of the Westboro community, and our City Councillor’s office.  Westboro Community Association was pleased to have a representative from their planning subcommittee invited to sit on this working group.  To date, the group has had four sessions, including a two-hour walking tour through the study area to get a feel for the character of our neighbourhoods and the perceived “fit” of various infill projects within our community.

Tell the City What You Think!

The ICB study team is seeking input from the Westboro community. To begin, the City will be releasing a discussion paper to summarize and explore the issues associated with infill development in Westboro.  The paper includes data on recent intensification trends in our community and the factors driving these trends.  This paper will be posted at the end of July, and we encourage you to provide your feedback at this early point in the study. Planning for community open houses and more intensive group discussions is underway.

For more information on the study, including timelines and contact information, please see

You may provide comments on the study to the Westboro Community Association anytime at

Shakespeare is coming to Clare Gardens Park!

4 07 2019

Bear and Company presents “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Clare Gardens park on July 11 and 25. Get all the details here:




4 07 2019

Councillor Leiper is holding an open house for property at 2070 Scott, at the corner of Scott and Churchill. No formal applications have been filed at this point but it is anticipated that a Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Control will be required. The applicants are proposing a 23-storey building with a 5-storey podium, with entry and egress on Winona. They are proposing roughly 200 rental units. Further, they are proposing a restaurant use at grade facing Churchill, as well as 8 metres of landscaping between the building and the first residential property on Winona.

Councillor Leiper is moving forward with an initial open house in order to start receiving feedback and comments on this proposed development. The open house will be:

Thursday, July 11 2019


Granite Curling Club (2026 Scott St)



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