1946 Scott Street: Site Plan Control Proposal and Minor Zoning By-law Amendment

1 10 2017

From the City of Ottawa:

This is the formal circulation of the planning application noted above. Below is a link to the application on the City’s Development Application Search Tool where you will find information about the application and all of the submitted plans, reports, surveys and accompanying documents you will need to review the application. Also attached is the application summary.

Link to the Site Plan Control Application on DevApps is here.

Link to the Zoning By-law Amendment Application on DevApps is here.

Please comment directly to the File Lead through the “Send comments to the file lead” link of DevApps.

Note that the deadline date for comments is October 25, 2017.



One response

2 10 2017
Dean McCuaig

So how user friendly do you feel this kind of information is in this format is? I suspect it is quiet readable by city officials, and similarly by contractors and developers. What about a new Canadian? What about Joe Q Public who goes about his or her life without a lot of interaction with municipal government? Do you think they have the same level of understanding as city officials, contractors and developers? If it is not the same, then doesn’t that tip the balance in favour of the city, contractors and developers? I believe every resident owns their responsibility to get involved and understand what is happening in their neighbourhoods and in their city but are we making it as easy for Joe Q Public to understand as we are for city officials, contractors and developers?

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