A message from our community police officer

17 01 2017

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that with the new Service Initiative my zone has changed.  This will not necessarily effect us working together as I am still your CPCO for Hintonburg and Mechanicsville area, but I have expanded into the Carlington area.  Some of you also cover these areas so I wanted to let you know.  You can also pass this information on to your colleges who may be looking to know who their new contact officer is.

 I have attached a map (area 21) is my coverage area.  To break it down by zones it is:


Central Park

Debra Dynes




Hampton Park

Fisher park

Wellington west

Civic Hospital

 Feel free to pass this on to any community members looking to make contact.

 Thanks a lot


 Cst. Dawn Neilly-Sylvestre| Badge #1520

Community Police Centre – 1064 Wellington St

Ottawa Police Service | P.O. Box 9634, Station T, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6H5

613.236.1222, Ext: 5871 | 613-295-2790| neillyd@ottawapolice.ca





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