Paid Parking on Richmond Road

7 01 2017

We would like to know what you think about the possibility of paid parking on Richmond Road within the boundaries of the BIA? Please respond by email or add a comment on the blog or tweet us @WestboroCA.




6 responses

7 01 2017


I don’t support paid parking on Richmond Road. I think this neighbourhood needs to be as accessible as possible to people who don’t live in this area.

It’s already hard enough for businesses to survive around here with the high rents…let’s make it easy for people who prefer driving to shop here.


7 01 2017
Blake McIntyre

It would be unfortunate to have paid parking on Richmond Road but it would create more parking. Too many vehicles pass the whole day in a parking spot on Richmond Road – retail employees IMO. Control the all day parking and you won’t have to charge for parking.

8 01 2017
Dean McCuaig

We live on a residential side street off Richmond Road. We face daily challenges with those seeking parking, blocking driveways, blocking mailboxes, blocking access to the Byron footpath, and making u-turns across our lawn because they get on our street, find no parking and do not want to get stuck trying to turn onto Richmond Road so they make a u-turn across people’s properties. There are no sidewalks and in the winter we are down to what feels like a little goat path to get up and down the street because of snow banks and wild parking practices. We have the Bank of Montreal at the end of our street and one of the popular yoga studios just at the end. To see 40-50 people jam in at the last minute for a yoga class and not be able to find parking, is a scary sight. Making Richmond Road paid parking, will just drive more people seeking parking into the neighboring streets, once again pushing the problem off onto the long term residents. We are already facing congestion because of side by sides, apartment buildings and condos being built on residential lots where there once was a single family home. Paid parking is not going to make the issue better, it will just move it into the neighborhoods.

8 01 2017

I, too, live on a small side street off of Richmond Road. I experience all of the same problems expressed by Dean, including having to repair my driveway due to endless turnarounds in search of a parking spot. Of course, the search will be futile anyway due to local employees and contractors using the street for all day parking. I would like to see on – street parking made more available to shoppers and those visiting local services. The only way to do this is to increase turn over in parking spots. Either put time limits on parking and enforce it, or charge for the spots. I would, therefore, support paid parking on BOTH Richmond and on the first block or two of sidestreets. Then channel the money into improvements in the immediate neighbourhoods affected by this ” parking lot ” traffic.

8 01 2017
Anne Waters

I drive along the Richmond/Wellington corridor all the time to do local shopping. I have never found any issue with parking. Ever. And I am a loyal and frequent local shopper. I don’t mind walking a few steps if need be. The requirement is not to have a parking spot right out front. I don’t understand why anyone needs to park all day on the streets. If it is employees that are doing this then the issue should be dealt with some other way. Punishing clients of businesses is not the answer. I do feel that paid parking will affect patronage and will drive people to parking and shopping in malls. Less than ideal.

16 01 2017

I do not support paid parking. I believe it would have an negative impact on the businesses. We live on Golden and we don’t mind having cars parked on our street. Having cars parked on the street actually prevents cars from going too fast.

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