Ottawa-Carleton District School Board – Student Learning and Accommodation Reviews

19 09 2016

Click on the link for more information: ocdsb-student-learning-and-accommodation-reviews





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20 09 2016

A bit of explanation of the traffic flow along Princeton. We have lived at Princeton and Edison for 35 years. The flow of traffic along Princeton has increased in volume and speed. This is to be expected and is not surprising with the infill’s and the addition of the traffic light at Churchill and Princeton years ago. The traffic light is also the most logical intersection for heavy trucks to turn. They are afforded a traffic light rather than a stop sign. Nepean and Broadview are at the end of Princeton so vehicles and bikes are part of the volume. Churchill alternative is at the end of Edison so this accounts for the to and from school traffic.

Along Princeton there is a stop sign at Roosevelt and Princeton, then the Churchill traffic light, then a stop sign at Tweedsmuir and Clare (Princeton turns into Clare at Churchill). One day when I was bored I calculated the distance from Roosevelt to Tweedsmuir at .6 kms (about .37 miles). Regular traffic on Princeton will actually speed up to make the Churchill light and not have to stop till Tweedsmuir (Roosevelt to Tweedsmuir with no stop). Perhaps a sign may remind drivers to slow down, doubt it, but can’t hurt.

On the development front I have heard the the Jean D’arc residence bounded by Princeton/Melbourne/Edison has been sold effective November 2016. Looks like 10-20 new homes and a whole lot of construction traffic.

Rob Caillier

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