Shakespeare in the Park

14 07 2016

Summer in Ottawa means Shakespeare in the Park. In this 400th anniversary year of Shakespeare’s death, Bear & Co. brings you MACBETH as the Queen’s Men might have toured it. Within the circle of a rope thrown on the ground, three women invite you into Shakespeare’s warring Scotland. In a country torn by civil strife, who is to be trusted? Are they witches? Beggars? Loyal friends or assassins? Only one thing is sure: They play with fire.

Twelfth-Century Scotland is the world of Outlander, where decisions reek more of Game of Thrones than of the court of St James. Here, the politics of the knife-blade rule, and Bear & Co.’s production brings both the savagery and the surprising tenderness of the story to life. Pull up a blanket. Set out your picnic. The show is about to begin. . . .

The full touring schedule is below, and on our website at

All shows begin outdoors at 7. Bring the whole family, a picnic, and something to sit on. Suggested donation: $20 per person.





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