8 03 2014

From: Hobbs, Katherine []
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 10:19 AM

Following is an update on LINKING ZONING TO NEIGHBOURHOODS! This month revisions to the Infill guidelines will be coming to Planning Committee. Leading up to this point the Working Group (which included the Appellants to the OMB, other members of the industry, a couple of infill architects/designers, and representatives of community associations in the Mature Neighbourhoods) met six times, including two design charrettes. City Planner Alain Miguelez or other planners on his staff have held further meetings with Community Associations a further eight times, and with the Appellants a further three times. In total between public and internal working groups there have been 27 meetings on this file.

I applaud Alain and his team for the open and transparent process on this issue of such importance to the character of our neighbourhoods! This has been an important discussion in our mature neighbourhoods — as the guidelines only pertain to our mature neighbourhoods in the urban areas, including Kitchissippi Ward. I do want to thank the members from our Community Associations in Kitchissippi who have worked diligently alongside the City planners and helped shape these guidelines in such a positive way, and helped inform the revisions.

There are two more presentations coming up in Kitchissippi by Alain and his team prior to Planning Committee, but I thought I would share a report by the Old Ottawa South Community Association on their website, as it is quite comprehensive.

I hope you will find it interesting. But if you have any questions, or would like more information please let me know.




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