Infill Bylaw Meeting – New Infill Guidelines and Zoning By-laws

8 03 2014

For the past several months, the City of Ottawa has been working with various community association representatives and representatives from the development industry to revise the in-fill bylaw. This revised by-law will be going to Planning Committee later in March. The Westboro Beach Community Association has organized a public meeting for the area (including Hampton Iona) to discuss the proposed bylaw with the public. Alain Miguelez, Program Manager for Zoning and Intensification will be the guest speaker at this meeting. All are encouraged to attend. With all of the infill that we are seeing in our neighbourhoods, this bylaw and the future Infill Bylaw 2 could have a significant impact on what this infill will look like.

New Infill Guidelines and Zoning By-laws

Our neighbourhood, and other established neighbourhoods, have long complained about the lack of compatibility of new infill homes in mature neighbourhoods such as ours. The City has listened and together with a working group of representatives from community associations and the building trade, has undertaken to study infill and to make changes to infill guidelines and zoning by-laws.

The WBCA will host a meeting on the new infill guidelines and zoning by-laws. These cover parking, front yards, entranceways – the streetscape. Comments could include height, massing and rear and side setbacks but they will be part of a further similar study on infill.

The guidelines will apply to all new home construction and to existing properties. They will apply to YOU if you plan renovations or additions to your home.

Your opportunity to learn what they are, to ask questions and make comments will be on:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
7:00 p.m.
Churchill Seniors Centre, 345 Richmond Road

Guest: Alain Miguelez
City of Ottawa, Program Manager, Zoning and Intensification




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