642 Tweedsmuir Ave

30 01 2014

The Owners have filed Consent Applications (D08-01-13/B-00535 & D08-01-13/B-00536) which if approved, will have the effect of creating two separate parcels of land. The existing dwelling would be demolished and a two-storey semi-detached would be built that would not be in conformity with the Zoning By-law.

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4 responses

31 01 2014
Dean McCuaig

This is the information I like to know as a community member. At what point do we as a neighborhood say “no?” No more super side-by-sides that look nothing like the rest of the neighborhood. Sure they are flashy, but they do not fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. They have the impact of dividing neighborhoods, creating conflict, and take a look around….they aren’t selling. The homes they destroy to make way for these….end up in landfills. How is that good? Why do we have bylaws if they are not doing what they were originally intended to do?

1 02 2014

I now want to figure out what happened regarding the property next door to us. We are on Edgewood. The exact same thing happened to us, but we kept checking with the city when the house next door to us was sold, but nobody was moving in. We had no idea the house was being demolished and a side by side was going up until the day the house was demolished. I am not sure if the property has been severed yet, but there are two families living in the new build. I can tell you first hand how disruptive this is to a neighborhood and the impact it can have on the whole neighborhood, not just the neighbors immediately adjacent to the property. If you have questions or concerns, I urge you to get involved and have them addressed by the city and by your counselor. It is too late for us, the damage has already been done. There is little support for the existing residents. I feel like the deck is always stacked in favor of the developer. Get involved. Make sure you truly understand what this will mean to the quality of life in your neighborhood.

8 02 2014

I whole-heartedly agree with Dean. I live on Bevan and there are not one but THREE semis going up on my street all within an arms reach of my house. No notices went up regarding any demolition. The only information we got regarding these new builds were because of neighbourhood talk. Not only is it disruptive to the neighbourhood, they look atrocious and are changing the beautiful landscape that was the reason why my family moved into this neighbourhood. If I had wanted to live in a neighbourhood devoid of trees (notice that most of the developers are removing the beautiful old trees) and cut from the same block template, I would have moved to the suburbs!

7 03 2014
Dean McCuaig

Basil, I contacted Katherine Hobb’s office regularly throughout the building process in an effort to access information. At the end of the building process, I asked to meet with someone from the city planning staff so they could understand first hand how their bylaws translate into reality. There was nothing I could do to make our process better because the house beside us is built now, but I wanted them to have the perspective of what it is to be a layman in a neighborhood where this is happening.

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