31 01 2013

City Council recently approved the plans for the Confederation Line between Blair Station and Tunney’s Pasture. That section is scheduled to be open to the public by 2018. Key decisions on the western extension of the train’s route will be taken this year. A track running straight through our green, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood remains a distinct, grim possibility. Information gathered by some of our members suggests city planners are viewing the Richmond-Byron corridor as their top choice.

Although city councillors voted to approve an environmental report last June that included several Richmond-Byron options, the community has still not been consulted at this stage of the process. There have also been few indications that Carling Avenue is being seriously considered as a viable route. Planners have also not specified exactly how much of Byron Linear Park will disappear, where traffic will be diverted through the community when lanes are reduced along Richmond, and whether some homes will have to be appropriated along the route.

Now is a great time to send city councillors, MLAs and MPs an email or letter voicing your concerns about the proposed Richmond/Byron routes. Email addresses can be found on our website. We also encourage you to send a well-worded letter to deputy city manager Nancy Schepers: Nancy.Schepers@ottawa.ca.

The city wants your comments on its new OFFICIAL PLAN and MASTER PLAN, documents that will form the basis of major decisions including transportation and the construction of high-rises and commercial buildings in our neighbourhoods.

Please take the time to fill out their survey, by MARCH 1, 2013.

Look what we discovered from the Confederation Line plans:
• The top speed of the trains is now listed as 100 km/h, versus the 80 km/h described earlier
• The system could move over 18.000 passengers per hour in each direction, up from the 12,000-14,000 in the original planning documents
• Trains could run as often as every 1:45 minutes, much more than the 2-3 minutes laid out by the planners when describing the project

Posted on behalf of Neighbours for Smart Western Rail



3 responses

31 01 2013

“Grim” reality? Really? Dispose of the drama, people. As a resident home owner who lives directly on Byron Avenue west of Churchill, I actually welcome the choice of the Richmond/Byron corridor for light rail, and a future with excellent rapid transit access to and from Westboro Village. I want to get rid of my car. instead of fighting for it to be elsewhere, we should be pushing for better implementation, such as a complete cut-and-cover tunnel through this area so it minimally affects the linear park. A 2 km shallow tunnel would still be cheaper than any detour out to Carling.

2 02 2013

Thank you for your comment. You make some valid points. Please note that the opinions express above are those of the Neighbours for Smart Western Rail. Their main objective is to educate the public on this matter. In this case they also would like citizens to make their views know to the City by filling out the survery listed in the post.

3 02 2013

Carling Avenue would be such an excellent option. Lets finally put that wide street with the upcoming high buildings, too excellent use, with rapid transit. Keep the trains out of our lovely neighbourhoods. Keep the neighbourhoods for all the other good transit means, such as walking and biking, and even some cars, and why don’t we have weekend trollies for all the outsiders who love to shop and dine here. But keep the transit out of the very immediate area. Walking or biking a few minutes to Carling would be preferable by far…and healthy.

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