Convent update: Construction Road through Byron Linear Park

14 10 2012

Hampton Iona and Westboro community groups received this letter from Councillor Hobbs.  Unfortunately, we were given no advance warning that this was happening.   If you have any questions,  you should either contact Councillor Hobbs or Doug James.

To summarize, the City is planning to allow Ashcroft to built a temporary construction road through the Byron Linear Park.  Next  summer the City will be widening Shannon Street and once that widening is completed, that newly widened street will become a construction route and the temporary road through the Park will be closed.

Dear Residents of Shannon Street, Hilson Avenue and Byron Avenue,

This letter is being distributed to advise you that in the coming days, work will commence to prepare a temporary access through the Byron Linear Park for construction vehicles at the location shown on the plan attached.  The temporary access is necessary to accommodate works at the south side of the former Sisters of the Visitation property.  The temporary access will be gravel and will involve some modest site modifications such as the removal of approximately two trees and the realignment of the linear path next to Byron Avenue.  As part of the path realignment, stop signs will be erected at the intersection with the temporary access to help minimize pedestrian conflicts. This temporary access is intended to be in service only until Shannon Street is redesigned through the Site Plan Control Process, all required approvals are issued, and the construction to implement that design is completed.  It is expected that the reconstruction of Shannon Street will be completed next summer, and at that time, construction vehicles will cease using the temporary access through the park, and instead, use Shannon Street to access the site for the duration of construction.

The final design of Shannon Street is intended to include widening the travelled portion of that road to a maximum of 6.75 metres and it is anticipated that a major portion of the asphalt widening will take place on the southern side of the roadway.  There is also no sidewalk planned for the widened road.  In addition to the asphalt widening, roadway modifications to accommodate the turning radius for construction traffic will also be accomplished from the side of the park and the hydro poles will be relocated at Ashcroft’s expense.  Any trees that are removed, both in relation to the increased road allowance as well as the temporary construction access through the linear park will be replaced (two trees for every one tree removed) as part of the Site Plan Control Process. During the construction process, Ashcroft Homes will be required to ensure that dust and dirt are monitored and managed.  This will likely involve watering of the roadway and construction vehicles.

It is acknowledged that construction activities at 114 Richmond Road have been difficult for the surrounding residents; however, the temporary access through the Byron Linear Park and the final design of Shannon Street is being undertaken with the goal of minimizing the impact on the residents of Shannon Street, both during the construction phase of this development and after construction is completed.

For further information please contact the undersigned,

Douglas James
Planning and Growth Management Department
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424 ext. 13856





One response

15 10 2012
disgusted in westboro

How is it that a planner can overrule city council, our local councillor and a planning department directive …. twice. This is the same planner that made the news when a citizen asked him during a planning meeting “just who do you worked for?”. Guess we know the answer.

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