Performance in Clare Gardens Park

3 07 2012

On July 5, Ottawa’s newest professional touring theatre company, Bear & Co., will perform Shakespeare’s As You Like It at 7 p.m. in Clare Gardens Park. Please join us for an evening of outdoor theatre. Bring a picnic dinner, bring your lawn chairs or blankets, bring your bug spray, and bring your family!

While there is no admission fee, the actors pass their hats at the close of the show and suggest a contribution of $10 per person. More information is available on the Bear & Co. website.




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21 07 2012
Wayne Lenahan

Hello! In regards to all of the information that is advertised on various sites in regards to Westboro Beach they all state that there are change rooms in the facility in which in fact there is not. I have been there a number of times to enjoy the beach and have checked to find in fact that there is in fact only male and female washrooms. In the case of the men’s washroom there is only three tight toilet areas, and the disabled one had cleaning materials in it, and was locked! So only two small areas to change, and the last time I was there the floors were wet, which I understand they have to be cleaned, but there is no place to put your bags you are carrying with you. And not much space in which to try to change. And in this case you do not want to put your clothes or anything on the floor. And when the Cafe is not opened it is really crammed to attempt to get into the washroom area in the first place. This is very frustrating and disappointing. What is going to be done about this situation? Can change rooms be added to the area for all going to the beach. They have them at Mooney’s Bay Beach and Brittania Beach. Not at Petrie Island unfortunately as well.
Please seriously consider rectifying this situation for the benefit of the patrons attending the beach. Thank you.

21 07 2015
Wayne Lenahan

Hello! I would also would like to add a correction. Brittania Beach in fact only has one toilet in the male washroom in the Community Centre, and only two toilets in the male washroom beside the beach. And have no change rooms. Only Mooney’s Bay beach has large sized change rooms and bathrooms with lots of room and stalls to change. I really wish after all this time, and with the large volume of people that visit Brittania Beach, Westboro Beach, and the Petrie Island’s two beaches, that they would seriously consider building large bathrooms and change rooms like Mooney’s Bay Beach to accommodate everyone visiting these places. And to also consider having also those portable toilets available outside in case people are there before the buildings open at 10:30 A.M. every day when an emergency arrives and one needs to go to the bathroom, or wants to change into their bathing suits. When you finish going swimming you need a place to change, as many visit these places by bus and not by car. Where else are you going to change? You tell me!

22 07 2015
Wayne Lenahan

Hello! I just wanted to date my 2 responses: (22:58:46) – Tuesday July 21, 2015 and the previous entry (16:20:26) – Saturday July 11, 2015. These entries have nothing to do with the “Performance in Claire Gardens Park” article above. Date: July 3, 2012 above.

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