City of Ottawa sticks with top picks for western LRT route; frustration grows with NCC

7 06 2012

“The city is sticking with Richmond Road and the Ottawa River Parkway as its top choices for a western extension of the light-rail system, thanks to a unanimous vote by city council’s transportation committee Wednesday afternoon.

The decision cuts a list of 15 possible routes down to four, three of which use different versions of a corridor along Richmond Road and Byron Avenue west of the current Westboro Transitway station. And it means continuing to look at the parkway despite the firm objections of the National Capital Commission, which owns it….” (Read the rest of this story on the Ottawa Citizen website)




One response

7 06 2012
Paul Lindsay

Seems to me that the Ottawa Transportation Committee needs to get their collective heads out of the sand and start seriously examining other alternatives rather than the Ottawa River Parkway.
Other than the feature of lowest cost, it has always struck me as a rather stupid choice in that the entire population of the city resides to the south of this proposed line. Surely this means the rider catchment area is only going to be at least half of what could be expected from a more centrally located line?

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