From the Councillor’s office: OC-Transpo route changes

24 03 2011

OC Transpo released their proposals for changes to routes as part of the 2011 Network Optimization Project. There are a number of changes in Kitchissippi Ward and I wanted to make sure you were the first to know of the changes. I look forward to speaking with you all regarding the proposals and what changes we would like to see.

Please remember, these are only proposals from City staff, and I am committed to working with all residents in Kitchissippi to ensure we get the best possible service for our residents and businesses.

I will be attending the March 29th City public open house at City Hall from 5:30-7:30 and I will also be holding a public meeting in the ward on the proposals at the Churchill Seniors Centre on April 2nd from 2 to 3:30 PM.

You can review all the proposed changes here:

The following routes in the ward would see no changes or improved service: 2, 14, 85, 86, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 101, 102 and the O-Train.

Some improvements on those routes include: new occasional service to Carlingwood Shopping Centre on the 2, moving the 85 from Bronson to Preston between Carling and Albert, and added capacity from Westboro-Downtown on the 95.

A new route would be added, the 107 which would serve as a shuttle at Tunney’s Pasture campus, replacing service north of Tunney’s Pasture station of the 6, 82, and 176.

Route 176 would still run between Carling and Scott on Parkdale.

Route 6 would now end at Carling Station and not run on Parkdale to Tunney’s Pasture and only run during peak hours.

Route 82 would now end at LeBreton Station and be renumbered to 41. It will not serve Tunney’s Pasture

Route 57 would be eliminated, replaced with added capacity on other Holland Avenue services.

Route 3 would also be eliminated (which runs adjacent to the ward), services replaced with the 85.

Route 16 would not return to Byron and would have service until 10 PM Monday to Friday west of Tunney’s Pasture, and lose Sunday service.

Route 18 would not run west of Preston Street.

Route 187 would be eliminated, with services moved to the existing route 150 which has the same route in Kitchissippi and will run Monday to Friday until 8 PM and Saturday to 7 PM, plus one late service. There would be no Sunday service.

Route 151 would now run until 7 PM, Monday to Friday from Tunney’s Pasture to Westboro Station, with route 155 moved from Holland to Kirkwood, running until 8 PM plus one late service. There would be no Saturday or Sunday service. Route 151 will also have special trips to Carlingwood Shopping Centre.

I hope you will all have a chance to review the changes in our ward and comment to OC Transpo and my office which changes you are in favour of and which need to be revised. Please note that on the website OC Transpo has provided rationale for many of their proposed changes, which I encourage you to consult in forming your comments.


Katherine Hobbs
Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward


Following public consultation through April 7th, the revised proposals will be decided on April 20th at Transit Committee. The approved route changes will be implemented on September 4 at the same time as the fall service schedule.

The proposed changes are part of OC Transpo Business Plan and support the 2011 Budget. The plan proposes redesigning the network to make routes more direct, and reliable while ensuring that we can keep fares down and make our transit system sustainable for the long term.

The service proposals alone are designed to save $19.5 million annually starting in 2012 and $6.5million in 2011. Combined with additional efficiencies, OC Transpo anticipates finding savings of $22 million annually and $7.3 million for 2011 (as identified in the 2011 Business Plan).

Without these changes, public transit alone would increase property taxes by costing taxpayers $145 million over five years. This would mean a property tax increase of at least 5 per cent all on its own by 2016. The route optimization proposal that is part of the Business Plan puts OC Transpo on a financially sustainable footing for the present and for the future.

OC Transpo wants to get customer feedback and to provide information on the network optimization proposal. This feedback will be an important part of the final network plan presented to the Transit Commission on April 20. Deadline for comment is April 7. Public delegations will be able to make presentations at the Transit Commission meeting on April 20, 2011.

  1. As of March 23, the OC Transpo website will include details of the changes regarding specifics routes and areas of the city. Customers will have an opportunity to give their input by completing the online “Customer Feedback Form” at To review the full set of changes, see here:
  2. Five City-wide Open Houses between March 29 and April 5 will provide an opportunity for riders to speak with senior transit planning staff and Transit Commission members. Again, customers will be able to have their say by completing a Customer Feedback Form.

They will include a formal 15-minute presentation on the proposed network optimization changes, as well as the opportunity to talk to OC Transpo planning staff, as well as Transit Commission members about the plan. Dates and times include:

  • Tuesday, March 29, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. (presentation at 6:30 p.m.)

Ottawa City Hall, Jean Pigott Place, 110 Laurier Avenue West

  • Wednesday, March 30, 7 – 9 p.m. (presentation at 8 p.m.)

Kanata Recreation Complex, Hall B, 100 Walter Baker Place

  • Thursday, March 31, 7 – 9 p.m. (presentation at 8 p.m.)

Nepean Sportsplex, Halls C and D, 1701 Woodroffe Avenue

  • Monday, April 4, 7 – 9 p.m. (presentation at 8 p.m.)

Jim Durrell Recreation Complex, Ellwood Hall, 1265 Walkey Road

  • Tuesday, April 5, 7 – 9 p.m. (presentation at 8 p.m.)

Shenkman Arts Centre, Music Rehearsal Hall, 245 Centrum Boulevard

  1. For those customers unable to attend one of the sessions or access online information, OC Transpo can also be reached at 613-741-4390.



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