Press release from Katherine Hobbs

10 03 2011

For immediate release: March 10, 2011

Councillor finds Kitchissippi residents oppose levy

Ottawa – Councillor Katherine Hobbs has concluded that residents of Kitchissippi Ward do not want a special area levy to pay for parkland at 114 Richmond Road, the former site of the Soeurs de la Visitation. Councillor Hobbs reached this conclusion after a week of ward-wide public meetings and a vast amount of comment cards, e-mail and phone calls. The City will take the cash-in-lieu of parkland and these funds will be carefully invested in future improvements of Kitchissippi’s many parks.

“I have conducted exhaustive outreach throughout Kitchissippi and the overwhelming sentiment is that residents do not want to pay for this parcel of land. I am particularly mindful that a levy would have the greatest impact on those who could least afford it, such as seniors,” said Councillor Hobbs.

City staff have worked to make a number of changes in the proposed development project at this site, including 40 per cent being open space, the retention of a stand of mature maple trees known as Nun’s Walk and public access. After over a century, this property will no longer be isolated from the community and will provide an extension of the streetscape linking the thriving main streets of Richmond and Wellington West.

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10 03 2011

hobbs is a hack….

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