MEDIA RELEASE – “What Happened to Due Process?”

10 03 2011

March 10, 2011

OTTAWA – The Board of Directors of the Westboro Community Association, at its regular monthly meeting, passed a resolution questioning how the entire process of maintaining greenspace in Kitchissippi got so derailed.

Councillor Hume’s motion at Planning Committee in November 2010, on the issue of greenspace on the site of the convent at 114 Richmond Road, has an expiry date of March 31, 2011. An email from Councillor Hobb’s office, dated March 4th , stated that the date Council would vote on the issue would be March 10th. Then, at a community meeting on March 6th, Councillor Hobbs announced she would be going forth with a ‘NO LEVY’ motion and that all emails and phone calls received before March 1 supporting a levy would not be counted.

Regardless of whether or not residents supported the levy, the WCA felt the decisions made by Councillor Hobbs in the past week basically undermined the entire democratic process. There were at most, 80 residents at each of the first two meetings. So if there were six meetings in total, then that means there were less than 500 people in total who attended these public meetings. That is not representative of the entire ward which has a population close to 40,000. The new information and dates did not give all the residents of Kitchissippi Ward (and the general Ottawa public who are also interested) adequate time to express their views to their elected councilors and their respective community associations.

Council’s support of this derailment does not bode well for the entire City over the next four years.

– 30 –

For questions contact
Gary Ludington, Chair



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