A letter to the Mayor

2 03 2011

As many of you know, Councillor Hobbs is hosting a series of meetings about the Convent. The first was last night. WCA chair Gary Ludington sent this email to Mayor Jim Watson. We’re still waiting for a response.

Dear Mayor Watson – we the residents of Kitchissippi need your help. At the meeting tonite there were more than 80 people including media and City staff. All of the residents got a major shock when we were told that the appraised value was $11.5 million and that for a residence valued at $380,000 the levy would be $97/year for 10 years. The only bright light in all of this is that Ashcroft alone could be adding almost 900 units with their three development sites on Richmond Road and that all of these units will also have to pay the levy.

Several things were agreed upon tonite.

  1. When the former Council removed the heritage designation for the entire site except for the building Ashcroft received value which is reflected in the appraised value of $11.5 million.
  2. When Council approved the increased zoning Ashcroft received value which is reflected in the appraised value of $11.5 million.
  3. On Feb 11 I expressed to Councillor Hume at the end of Planning Comm our concern about the tight time frame for getting information and making decisions. He told me he would be contacting Alan Cohen to see about moving the Mar 31 date back. Councillor Hobbs at a meeting at Hilson School told us she had asked the same question. To date no answer. Perhaps you could call Alan Cohen on our behalf.
  4. At tonite’s meeting numerous questions were asked of Councillor Hobbs regarding her role in all of this. Basically she was asked to take the leadership role she was elected to do. From what I heard not very many were happy with her response whether they were for or against the levy.
  5. The question was asked if we had to consider the property put forth in Councillor Hume’s motion as a drop dead decision or could Council decide to look at less land? Again an opportunity for you to take a look at alternatives that could help this community.

As one resident stated during the meeting, this is pitting neighbour against neighbour which is not a great thing.

I hope we will see you at one of the upcoming meetings.

Gary Ludington




4 responses

2 03 2011
Agnelo Gomes

We are comletely against the levy for the purchase of this land,

why are we going in to more debt the tax payers of westbro are fedup
we cannot afford this city continue getting into debt

2 03 2011
lorraine farkas

I am very disappointed that the struggle over the convent site has moved from focussing on opposition with regard to the height of buildings along Wellington-Richmond to now focussing on the desire to buy land for a park.

3 03 2011
shannon furino

was this letter actually submitted with the word ‘tonite’?

5 03 2011

Why do we need to buy the land? I am not sure of the zoning politics or administration but if the city planners/council rezoned the land to allow the building, can they not admit they made a mistake and rezone it back so that Ashcroft will no longer be able to legally build?

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