WCA response

18 02 2011

… to Councillor Hobbs’ statement yesterday is as follows:

“On Feb 16, Kitchissippi Ward community members gathered at Hilson School to develop a strategy for preserving a portion of the Convent site as a park. Councillor Hobbs attended the meeting and spoke at length about various options for purchasing the property, including a levy. She did not make any significant statements in support of the park but she did promise to hold a number of public meetings to gauge community support. She stated several times that she would be receiving an independent appraisal for the purchase price of the park on Feb 17 (Thursday) and promised several times to send that information to the participants and the relevant community associations.  This information is critical because we cannot engage community members to support the plan until we know the approximate value of the levy.

The WCA was extremely disappointed to receive the statement from Councillor Hobbs today (the 17th). It does not provide any information nor provides an apology for breaking the promise she made several times last night to provide concrete numbers today. This response from her office is inadequate. The timeline for approving a levy is extremely short (the Council decision is scheduled for March 29) and we need much more leadership from our Councillor in order to preserve this parkland for future generations.”

As always, we welcome your thoughts on this matter. It is critical that you email the Councillor (Katherine.Hobbs@ottawa.ca – and please CC us at hellowestboro@yahoo.ca) and share your thoughts about the development of this site and whether you agree with the idea of a levy. If so, we’ve heard it would be helpful to include a line about the degree of levy you would support. (For example, “I’d support a levy of up to $X.”)

Thank you!




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