Update from the Councillor re: Les Soeurs de la Visitation site

17 02 2011

The following statement was released by Councillor Katherine Hobbs office with regard to the former La Soeurs de la Visitation property.

This morning Councillor Hobbs met with city staff to discuss the appraisal value for a proposed piece of parkland at the former Les Soeurs de la Visitation site. This is what we received in an email from her communications staff:

“I have spoken with staff and they are working on a number of fronts on this issue. They are getting an independent accurate appraisal for the parcel of land identified for the park.  In order to pay for the land, a potential local levy for residents and businesses based on property values is being considered.  As already directed, staff will be reporting in March.  I understand that this is taking some time, however this deals with Kitchissippi taxpayer dollars and we need to be diligent.  Once we have all the information we will be holding public meetings to get local feedback.”

What are your thoughts?

In the meantime, here are some other sites you may be interested in if you are following this issue:




One response

18 02 2011
WCA response « Hello Westboro

[…] WCA was extremely disappointed to receive the statement from Councillor Hobbs today (the 17th). It does not provide any information nor provides an apology […]

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