Ottawa’s fast-growing Westfest gains ‘giant’ new home

25 01 2011

Westfest will expand to a new part of the neighbourhood this year. The organizer of the free music festival that takes place in Westboro has found a new location for the main stage that gives more space for the audience to stretch out.

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6 responses

25 01 2011
Craig B.

This wonderful event deserves a good venue and this is it, but I’m sure we’ll hear from the whiners who don’t like music or people having fun just like the annual complainers about the Ottawa Bluesfest.

6 02 2011

Why do people insist on calling other people names–(“whiners” being one of those used most often) in an attempt to shut them up? I am sure that Craig B has things that bug him. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

26 01 2011

I bet you don’t live right around the area where they plan on moving it…

It’s going to be a mess where I live.

26 01 2011
Craig B.


I’m about two or three blocks away. When I lived downtown I was a block away from the Ottawa Bluesfest (two weeks) and at one time I lived two blocks from Lansdowne Park which used to be the home of our CFL football team and several wonderful concerts. Sorry to hear you’re about you being put out by it all.

6 02 2011

Sue: I’m with you. It’s too bad when people can’t express their opinions without attacking others.
Peter: I’m afraid I’m one of the people who cheered at news of the move because of how close the previous location was to our house. You do have cause for concern. Two reasonable inquiries would be about whether or not arrangements are being made for parking and if the music will continue until 11 pm on the Sunday night.
Even though the stage has moved I am concerned about the possiblity of Richmond Road being closed again. Diverting buses and trucks to a street without sidewalks when there are so many pedestirans around is an accident waiting to happen.

11 02 2011
Craig B.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the “whiners” remark as I should not have gone there.

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