Update from the Councillor re: the Convent

24 01 2011

The follow email exchange between a Westboro resident and Councillor Hobbs  is posted with permission.

Dear Councillor Hobbs,

Could you please let me know the status of the convent site?  After all the turmoil and participation of the community over the past year, communication seems to have stopped dead. Councillor Leadman used to send out periodic updates keeping us informed as to the various issues and specific actions she was taking and that we, as a community, could take. I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated if you would do the same.

With the March 31st deadline looming, is progress being made with regards to buying back part of the property for parkland? What happens if no decision is reached by March 31st?

How will it be determined whether or not to impose a levy on the ward to contribute to the cost?

What is happening with regards to Ashcroft’s appeal to the OMB?

Do you have any information about the Conservation Review Board public hearing on January 25th? Will they be discussing this site, and if so, what aspects of it, and should we attend?

Thank you,


Dear Jennie,

Thank you for your email.  I understand your concerns regarding the communications regarding the convent development, and unfortunately I do not have all communication vehicles up and running at the present time.  I did have an item in the last issue of the Kitchissippi Times that addressed this.  However I do not have access to any of Christine Leadman’s files, therefore her distribution list is not available to me to send the same kind of updates she was doing.

At the present time we are preparing a communiqué and a public meeting to outline the results of a very intensive undertaking to determine how the purchase could be accomplished.   Throughout the month of December City Staff investigated all of the avenues we have to purchase property.   Meanwhile City Staff were working on an official appraisal determining the worth of the property.  We are expecting that information early next week which will give us the appropriate figure to work with to present the exact levy $ information to the community.

Throughout December and January I met with the three community association presidents and a number of residents on Leighton Terrace to discuss different options for the purchase.

I am most pleased to add you to my growing distribution list on the convent issues.

Thanks again,





One response

25 01 2011
Craig B.

“How will it be determined whether or not to impose a levy on the ward to contribute to the cost?” asks Jennie. Here’s one resident who supports the project and has abosolutely no desire to pay any levy. I’m not alone either.

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