Councillor Hobbs speaks out about Soho Italia

19 01 2011

Did you catch Councillor Hobbs on CBC radio this morning? She was interviewed by Kathleen Petty on CBC morning about the proposed 35-storey tower on Preston Street which is  being designed by local architect Rod Lahey (who also designed the Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent project in Westboro).

You can listen to the segment by going to and clicking on the “Soho Italia Follo” link on the right side of the page. (The link might eventually disappear, so catch it while you can.)

You can also read an interesting point of view by Citizen writer Ken Gray here.

What do you think?




7 responses

19 01 2011

I think it is unfortunate that Councillor Hobbs referred to the Metropole as a good example of a high building in support of the proposed high rise on Preston. I don’t think the Metropole is something to be proud of. Most Kitchissippi residents can see it sticking out like a sore thumb much too easily.

25 01 2011
Craig B.

Personally, I like what I’ve seen in the way of a design for Soho Italia and I happen to live within about 200 metres of the Metropole Tower which looks just fine to me. Perhaps people would prefer the more institutional look that prevails all over Ottawa. I like the Metropole Tower and I like the fact that builders/developers/architechs are becoming more bold and are breaking away from the same old same old that prevails in Ottawa. People around here whine about almost everything. A few years ago, it was the Real Canadian Superstore and the Metropole Tower with our townhomes that surround it. Now we get the whiners about the convent project and Lansdowne redevelopement and developers making money.

On top of that I don’t think the residents of the Metropole Tower would appreciate Lynn condescending remarks, ” I don’t think the Metropole is something to be proud of. Most Kitchissippi residents can see it sticking out like a sore thumb much too easily.” They paid a lot of money to live there and are a part of this community.

29 01 2011

The only time I received spontaneous applause for something I said at a public meeting was when I referred to the Metropole, in an aside, as a buliding that stuck out like a sore thumb.

31 01 2011
Craig B.

How unfortunate. I guess you and your clappers don’t care very much for Vancouver’s skyline either.

2 02 2011
Antonio Mele

Grow up or get out. This city has been hyjacked by “old style” anglo saxons for way too long. Move out if you long for the smell of fertilzer. I have been in this city for 31 years and I can say the pace of development is as fast as the bad drivers and as slow and inefficient as the federal workers. A bolt of lightning is what you all need to snap out of whatever it is you suffer from. SoHo Italia is what we need to jolt us into the 21st century. I plan to purchase and take advantages of the “car free” adventures. Our kids have grown up and are entering university; therefore, we are leaving our suburbs and plan to come back to our city to re-urbanize ourselves.
We are coming and you cannot stop us.

3 02 2011
Craig B.

Well said Antonio. I think it’s just what we need as well as do many others. I’d buy one in a heart-beat as walking to stores, services and restaurants is the way to go. As a Westboro resident walking almost everywhere has resulted in my four year old Honda Civic having only 20,000 km on it and that’s mostly for vacation travel or to other parts of the city.

3 02 2012

I think the Soho Italia is a great proposal, especially now that the revised version puts the 5-levels of parking below ground. That leaves ground-level for more community/pedestrian-focused uses. Stretching the downtown down Preston to Dow’s Lake is a great idea, especially when it’s done with new and interesting architecture. I fully support this proposal, and wish others would hop on board too. Ottawa has no skyline worth speaking of – adding buildings like this, while increasing density, is a great way to build up Ottawa’s skyline. Perhaps, now that more people are living around Dow’s Lake, we can start to redevelop the Dow’s Lake Pavilion and really start to integrate our daily lives with Ottawa’s rivers and waterfront?! Instead of paths or parkways along ALL our waterways, some development would be nice.

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