Letter from a neighbour: Clare Park

17 01 2011

The WCA has endorsed the contents of this letter, which was written by WCA volunteer Deb Chapman. It has been emailed to  Councillor Hobbs.

Dear Katherine Hobbs,

I am writing to ask you to support a City staff funding request to fix the drainage problem in Clare Gardens Park in Westboro. This park went through an extensive revitalization project last summer to replace aging play structures and pathways that were at the end of their lifecycle. A new play structure was also installed that was fundraised for by the community. Clare Gardens Park is a much loved gathering place for residents of all ages.

There has always been water in the park. However, since the last summer’s construction and the raising of the grade around the play structures and pathways, water now collects in the middle of the park in the playing field. After a rain the water can be up to 4 to 6 inches deep …and it takes days to drain. As a result, kids cannot play games like soccer, baseball, tag, etc. A stage will be installed in the spring. If a performance happens after a storm the audience will have to come in boots with chairs and floaties.

The City has invested a good sum of money to revitalize Clare Gardens Park. It would be a shame if we can’t use the entire park and not just the areas that are on higher ground. This is a health and safety issue. We did not have a case of West Nile disease last year but if this disease does make a comeback this park would make for a perfect ground for mosquitoes.

We need your support to champion this budget item through the budget process next week. Hope we can count on you.

Deborah Chapman
Evered Avenue




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