The Westboro Community Association AGM

22 10 2010

The 2010 AGM will take place:

Wednesday November 24, 2010
7:00 -9:00 p.m
at the Churchill Seniors Centre on Richmond Road/Churchill Ave.
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Westboro residents – members and non-members – are all cordially invited to attend.

Participation of  WCA members is critical. Your feedback shapes our agenda for the coming year, so we need to hear about your top issues. Is it commercial development? Infill? Traffic? Cycling and pedestrian safety? Green space? We need to hear from you.

Also on the agenda:

  • Board nominations (please contact us if you’re interested in joining our board!)
  • Memberships – join as a voting member and/or pay your annual membership dues. Your membership fees and donations help us help you!

Thank you! We hope to see you there.




6 responses

5 08 2012
Dean McCuaig

Hello …. is this group still active? I mistakenly filled out the application form and sent in the family registration fee two months ago and have heard nothing. I tried contacting using the e-mail address on this website and it came back undeliverable. If it is no longer active, I would like my registration fee returned to me out of principle. Dean on Edgewood

7 08 2012
andrea tomkins (@missfish)

Hello Dean –
Our email address is working. The volunteers at the WCA are on hiatus every summer, but return in full force in the fall.

11 08 2012
Dean McCuaig

‘’ Hmm…must be just me, because the e-mail I sent to the address above which I got from the website was returned undeliverable on July 15th, 2012. I appreciate that volunteers just like everyone else should have well deserved breaks. I am new to the hood although my partner has lived in the community for 15 years. Originally we were hoping to benefit from any advice the members might have regarding redevelopment as the house next door to ours was sold and is about to be torn down. We have since learned that there is very little we can do about the changing face or our neighborhood where monster homes are being built alongside traditional homes. I would still be interested in joining the association. I sent in a memebership in June, along with the membership fee and have heard nothing since which just made me wonder if the association was still active. Now I know. It is still active, just not so much during the summer. Thanks for filling me in. Dean

2 10 2012

McKellar Park/Westboro Traffic Calming

The McKellar Park Community Association has long sought to off-load traffic from Fraser and streets immediately north onto Broadview
Ave. and adjacent streets (Golden, Highland, Cole) During the recent Queensway construction Fraser and streets north were closed ( somehow McKellar convinced the City traffic heading west on the Queeesway was going to head north down Fraser). This closure resulted in a 150% increase in traffic on Broadview!
Broadview is essentially a school district with four schools on one street – it is unique in North Amercia. In any other city it would be a priority for traffic calming – but not in Ottawa – where traffic calming is done not on wim not logic. In Montreal for instance all school districts are 30K per hour during school hours – and this is striclty enforce. Even Sherbrooke Ave. a major street has a 30k limit in school districts. Imagine that.

The recent announcement of the Upper West Tower at the base of Broadview will increase traffic even more. Yet Ms. Hobbs is silent on this.
Surley we need a concerted integrated plan for north south traffic for all of McKellar HIghland not a plan that pits one “hood” against another. I fear a child fatlity on Broadview is simply waiting to happen – and then it will be too late!

2 10 2012

That should be on based on a wim not logic – sorry for that hope you can correct

25 10 2013
val twolan-graham

This comment is being made with respect to the Byron Linear Park Improvements. I was out of the country when the meeting was held. I would like to make a simple suggestion …that would be to DISALLOW parking of cars, trucks, heavy construction vehicles, etc. on the parkland. This is not a practice which is peculiar to any one area.It is, however, a practice which is increasingly more common. Homes being built or renovated also have tradesmen park their vehicles on the grass. On a daily basis, huge trucks , backhoes and half tons emptying bins of garbage drive over the cement curbs and over the parkland. These tracks do not recover …This is a pretty cost effective means of improvement but one which would have to be enforced or it is the same old…same old.

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