Westboro development updates

7 10 2010

by Gary Ludington

Development in Westboro seems to have taken on a life of its own. Currently the WCA is aware of two major proposals, the Westboro United Church site and the Fendor site on Roosevelt Avenue near the transitway. Members of the WCA Board of Directors have met with both of the developers so that they could explain what they are proposing for their respective developments.

1. We met with Springcress Properties Inc on August 19th to hear what they were proposing for the property at 450 Churchill (the Church property at Churchill and Ravenhill Avenue). As well as three members of the WCA BoD there were two representatives of  the Churchill Parents Group. David Spillenaar from Sprincress, Barry Hobin & Mark Monahan (from BluesFest). We heard of their plans to give the original church building to Mark Monahan’s group for $1.00 which then could be known as the Westboro Music Hall. Besides concerts (which would  attract people from across the region) it was suggested that with the involvement of Kitchissippi United there could be programmes created for the children from the Carlington area as well as Van Lang.

We also heard about their intent to build up to a six storey condo building along Edison and a commercial condo on the East side of the property of about three storeys.

The WCA expressed concerns about traffic, parking and the impact of a 5/6 storey building on Edison where the current zoning permits a height limit of 8M and they were proposing 15/16M for the condo. The Churchill Parents group also expressed concern about traffic and access to the proposed underground parking.

The WCA has not given their ok on any aspect of this proposal. Springcress told us they would have an open house which they did on Sept 14th. There was a subsequent meeting on Sept 30th to which only Edison residents were invited but many others showed up. The message from the residents was about reaching a compromise regarding the Edison development and that all neighbours be invited to all meetings and addressing potential traffic issues arising from the entire development.

2. Members of the BoD also met with Uniform Developments regarding their proposal for the Fendor site. Again, we felt what was being proposed would have an impact on traffic issues that already exist as well how the neighbours would feel with two towers with a total of approximately two hundred units. Uniform hosted a meeting for neighbours surrounding the property at Dovercourt in August. There were about 20 residents in attendance although Uniform delivered 90 flyers to the surrounding residents. There was to be another meeting September 29th but that was cancelled and is to be rescheduled. The residents of Roosevelt from Richmond Rd to the transit way had a meeting on August 31 and there were approximately 20 residents at that meeting and a number of their concerns were discussed.

3. The property at 463 Kenwood (near Golden Ave.) is again on the agenda of the Committee of Adjustment for Oct 20th. The owners/applicants wish to sever the lot into two that does not conform to the Zoning By-law and build a new house on one of the proposed lots. Numerous minor variances are requested.




One response

10 11 2010
C. Robitaille

Here’s an interesting document that takes a look at urban development and infill issues: http://www.preservationnation.org/issues/teardowns/additional-resources/Teardown-Tools-on-the-Web-1.pdf

Although content is not primarily Canadian, included in this document is a link to a City of Edmonton Planning document: ‘Small Scale Ground Oriented Residential Infill. Smart Choices for Developing Our Community’. http://webdocs.edmonton.ca/InfraPlan/SmartChoices/OnlineShowcaseIdea4SmallScaleGroundOrientedResidentialInfill.pdf

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