Ashcroft claims community support for their design of convent site

8 06 2010

Anyone interested in the ongoing issue re: Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent on Richmond Road is advised to read this recent letter to the editor written by Paul Rothwell, the Director of planning and development for Ashcroft Homes.

He writes:

“It is Ashcroft’s observation that a clear majority of stakeholders agree that the Ashcroft design is a most appropriate solution for this very important site.”

We’d like to hear your thoughts about Mr. Rothwell’s letter, whether you were at any of the past meetings on this issue or have been watching from the sidelines.

Other updates on this issue can be found on the Hampton Iona Community Group website.




4 responses

8 06 2010

…All depends how one defines “stakeholders” Maybe they mean all the commercial intities who have a vested interest in this project?
I will be living at 101 Richmond, and sure do not want all that traffic and density in my front lawn.

9 06 2010

there is a reason that article can is in the ‘entertainment’ section….

9 06 2010


15 06 2010

I must have been at a different community meeting in the basement of the St. George church.

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