A couple updates

4 06 2010

1) The Wild Wild WESTboro Garage Sale is a GO. See you at Dovercourt on Saturday June 5 between 8:00-11:00 a.m. All of the rainbarrels are sold out! Thank you for your interest in this new fundraiser.

2) The WCA is looking for your input about the colours of the new play structures for Clare Park.

Please give us your feedback by noon on Tuesday, June 8th 2010.

The City has expressed some concern over the size of the Geode Mega climbing structure ( it’s 28′ x 28′ wide and 12′ high). We have consulted with the Friends of CGP and they have re-confirmed their approval of this size of structure. Deb has met with Danielle Hannah, a local interior designer, as recommended at the community consultation meeting.

Danielle has recommended a colour scheme for the Geode Mega climbing structure.

Please click to view a larger version of each diagram with suggested colours marked in.

1.    Geode Mega: The interior netting is a standard black. Danielle is recommending that the curved bars be “tan” and the round ball connectors be “red.”

We are still in discussions with the City concerning what play events will be included on the new schoolage play structure. At the community consultation meeting on May 20th the City has agreed to put together a proposal of recommended play events for us. We have not received it yet.

Danielle has recommended a colour scheme for the schoolage play structure as well. Please see this photo with Danielle’s recommendations.

2.    School Age Structure: The slide would be red to compliment the red in the other play structures. The pads for the structure would be the standard brown. The small tubular metal site bars (currently red in the picture) would be orange. The main vertical posts would be purple.

It should be mentioned that at the community consultation meeting of May 20th a colour scheme of green, beige and burgundy was agreed to by the community.

Here are the available colours:

The community also liked the idea of asking Danielle Hannah for her expert input since her work is highly regarded by the community. Deb – one of our volunteers –  did consult with her after the preschool structure was installed. Danielle noticed that the accent colours in the preschool structure, the swings and the tire swing are fire engine red. This was new because in the picture of the preschool structure the community received from the City the accent colour was yellow.

As agreed to at the community consultation meeting we are seeking feedback from the community re: Danielle Hannah’s colour scheme as described in items 1. and 2. above. The deadline for feedback is Tuesday, June 8th at noon. We will then be forwarding the results of the community’s feedback so that the order for the play structures can proceed.

If you have any questions please let us know.




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