Clare Park update part two

4 05 2010

The work to be done starting May 17 will only include life cycle funds from the City of Ottawa, and this will:

  • Replace preschool play structure with a wooden one
  • Replace and renew all existing pathways and a new connection from the pathway Athlone to Clare to the pathway from Evered Ave
  • Replace and relocate the double swing
  • Replace and relocate the tire swing
  • Grading of the whole park
  • Replace and relocate 3 trash cans
  • Install 5 granite boulders at the Athlone entrance
  • Remove existing timber planter walls at Evered entrance and replace with concrete retaining walls
  • Benches will be replaced too, but there’s no decision made yet if this will happen during this construction.

The May 29, 2009 Concept Plan is just a “wishlist” design and there are not enough funds available to realise all the features on it.

The Friends of Clare Gardens Park raised $7500 for the park. They have just filed an application for the Minor Grants with the City of Ottawa to match this amount. If they receive these grants, they will put it towards a school-age rope play structure for the park which would be installed in a second phase of construction.

At the beginning of April the WCA filed  an application for a $20,000 grant to put toward  making the park senior/disabled-friendly. The City of Ottawa will let us know beginning of June 2010 if these funds will be granted.

Councillor Christine Leadman also informed us that she will make extra funds from the cash in lieu parkland money available for Clare Gardens Park. We are in negotiations with Christine about this.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Park Committee




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