A letter from a neighbour: Route 18

4 03 2010

As some of you may already know, OC Transpo eliminated Route 18 in a recent route restructuring. The Hintonburg Community Association is collecting emails of support for this well-used route. Check out their new online form. Fill it out and click “send” to have copies emailed to Councilor Leadman and the HCA.

We also received this email from Marc about this issue and are reposting it for your information:

Last September, as part of TransPLAN 2009, OC Transpo cancelled route 18 west of Lebreton. This has meant that for many west end neighbourhoods, there is no longer a direct transit link to downtown. Further, for many people, the connection between many east and west end neighbourhoods that used to be available through route 18 is no longer possible.

This has had a disproportionate effect on seniors, many of whom are not in a position to undertake the 20 minute walk to a Transitway Station. As a result, many of them are unable to go out in the community and participate in activities at local seniors’ recreation centres, do their shopping, or attend other social events.

Students, many of whom require reliable and regular transit service to make it to their school, have also felt serious adverse effects, as well as commuters who do not work regular work hours (and for whom the new rush-hour only route  150 has been of no assistance).

In light of this, residents of west-end neighbourhoods began a petition asking the city to reinstate route 18 west of Lebreton. So far, the response has been terrific, with hundreds of people signing the petition in the space of a few days. Canvassers have walked through Champlain Park, Wellington West and Westboro Beach, and the response from those who were home has been extremely positive for the reinstatement of the service.

We need a strong response from our west end communities to ensure that OC Transpo and the city take our demand seriously. Everyone’s assistance is greatly appreciated.



One response

5 03 2010
Katherine Hobbs

It is both shortsighted and egregious that the portion of Route 18 west of Lebreton was cut, especially in light of Councillor Leadman’s vow to ensure transit improves in the ward. This quote is from her website: “Councillor Leadman plans to ensure that transit and transportation in the ward continue to improve, not only with regard to buses and light rail, but also including improvements to the city’s pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.”

I’m sceptical that the current petition will result in a change, as Route #18 isn’t the only local route that has disappeared without any alternate transit plans in place for affected residents.

In an article in the Ottawa Citizen this week the effort to have Route 245 reinstated in Manotick was discussed. A group of residents attended the city council transit committee meeting on Monday with a petition signed by 170 residents. The committee, including Councillor Leadman, rejected the residents bid to re-open discussion about the route cut.

Three-quarters of the committee’s councillors would have needed to vote in favour of a proposal to hear from public delegations and reconsider the cut but the proposal to do so failed on a vote of 4-4. At least eight people had signed up to speak to the committee. Instead, they were sent away.

I sincerely hope this petition is treated in a fair manner, unlike the petition from the Manotick residents. I hope we prevail in having the route re-instated. It is desperately needed. After all the traffic situation in the ward is already horrendous, and cutting important bus routes leads to more cars on the road.

Let’s hope this extreme effort by the residents of the ward will enable Councillor Leadman to do the job we trusted her to do inititally.

Katherine Hobbs

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