Sky Bungalows

4 02 2010

The dukes are up: Opposition is brewing in Westboro to a modern newcomer. You be the judge.
by Patrick Langston.

A scrap brewing in Westboro spotlights the push, shove and jabs of adding new housing in an existing neighbourhood.

Defined as “the development of vacant lots or portions of vacant lots in established urban areas,” infill housing is considered a critical element in the city’s drive for residential intensification and the slowing of suburban sprawl.

In this case, Sherbrooke Urban Developments plans to build The Sky Bungalows of Westboro, two small condo developments with an expected completion in spring 2011. One development will house three, one-floor apartments at 430 Byron Ave. where a single-family home now stands…

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4 responses

5 02 2010

Those sky bungalows remind me of a string of four story apartment buildings on Blake Boulevard in Vanier. Built in the forties/fifties they are very low-end housing, unattractive but serve a purpose. A string of these sky bungalows together won’t look too bad but sticking one here and one over there amongst normal housing will be less than ideal. Apparently they fall within current building code so they are legal. If the city tries to stop them as Ms Leadman proposes, we’ll end up being successfully sued again – the same as just happened with the Minto situation in Manotick.

Good luck with this one folks.

8 02 2010
Byron Resident

I have written an email to our councillor Christine Leadman and she has voiced her concern for this project to me as well as to others in the neighbourhood. I hope she will continue to be supportive when the developer applies for a permit as this will be time when we are given an opportunity to voice our concerns as community members. I encourage anyone who would like to voice their concerns to contact Christine at…

11 02 2010
Westboro Resident

Just love this new development. Hope may more come to Westboro. It is time for us to embrace the modern life and everything that goes with it. Let’s open up to new architectural designs and new cultures that come with it. New ideas make us see other aspects of life; new ideas blow away architectural boredom; resistance to change will get us nowhere. Different is progress. Congrats Sherbrooke People.

10 04 2010
ron hipson

Hello Westboro.!!!

I live beside what they are proposing to bulid. Come stand in our backyard and imagine what you will be living beside. This is supposed to be a community of great homes, not apartments. We tryed to sell our home in the fall because we did not want to live beside the bungalows in the sky. It did not sell because of the unknown next to us. If it is such a great project why are they not sold or assembled yey.

Food for thought.!!!!!

Ron Hipson

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