Get Energy Smart!

5 10 2009

You do not need to be an environmentalist to want to save on your energy bills. Reducing the amount of energy used means lowering GHG emissions, less pollution, and more money in your pocket.

Learn low-to-no cost ways to save on your household energy bills and lower your GHG emissions at this free seminar:

  • Tuesday October 13th, 2009 from 7pm – 9pm
  • Fisher Park Public School Cafeteria, 250 Holland Avenue

View more info here or read on:

Once almost exclusively the domain of environmentalists, Ottawa residents are trying to find ways to lower their global footprint at a time when the environment is at the top of the agenda in the news media, government and companies. The biggest hurdle for going green is often through a bombardment of information and recommendations typically suggesting that the only way to save on your energy bills and help the planet is by spending money. Seventh Generation Community Projects is providing free seminars across the city to demystify that notion and by recommending ways of spending less in order to save more!

Seventh Generation Community Projects, working in collaboration with the Westboro, Hampton-Iona and Hintonburg community associations, will be hosting a seminar at Fisher Park School Cafeteria (250 Holland Avenue) on October 13 at 7 pm about low-to-no-cost ways to decrease your household environmental footprint as well as save money! Seminars are targeting Ottawa residents who would like to make that initial step towards living in a more environmentally sustainable household, but are overwhelmed with information on where and how to get started. Through a case study and some calculations, our seminar will explain how lowering your GHG emissions actually saves you money, with little to no cost. Get Energy Smart! is a unique opportunity for non-environmentalists and environmentalists alike to discover some of the initiatives they can take through community groups that will be exhibiting their programs

Canadians would be surprised to know that our households account directly and indirectly for half of Canada’s GHG emissions—a third contributed directly from the fuel we burn to heat our homes and drive our cars, and two thirds contributed indirectly from the goods and services we buy, their packaging, manufacturing, transportation, and disposal. All of this information can be seemingly overwhelming, but luckily, the Get Energy Smart! program has consolidated the issues surrounding our environmental footprint and gives concrete, everyday solutions which are available at your corner store, through your community association, or at your personal initiative.

Seventh Generation’s Get Energy Smart! is not only providing seminars across the city on ways to reduce your GHG emissions, but interested individuals will have the opportunity to participate in our fall bus tour as well as our hands on workshops! The bus tour will encompass a neighbor-to-neighbor aspect, with viewings of environmentally efficient homes and buildings and discussions surrounding their retrofit. The hands on workshops are geared towards doing small retrofits on low income homes for people that would like to undertake a more skill-focused activity within their home. Sign-ups are on going, please contact for more information.

Get Energy Smart! support is provided by the Government of Ontario and its Community Go Green Fund. Seventh Generation Community Projects is the adult program of Maison Tucker House. For more information, please visit our website at




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