Lansdowne Park Public Consultations

23 09 2009

This info is from the office of MPP Yasir Naqvi:

As you know, Ottawa City Council is currently considering a proposal to redevelop Lansdowne Park.

Situated at the heart of Ottawa for over a hundred years, the redevelopment of Lansdowne will be a key defining moment in the history of our city. This project is overflowing with potential, and if done carefully, could breathe new life into our city by increasing tourism, sport and community. This is really our opportunity to shine as a community and a National Capital – to build something truly worthy of the history and prestige of this site.

As you may know, the proposal and process for the Lansdowne redevelopment has been cloaked in controversy and secrecy for months. However, the City is now undertaking to expose the project and involve residents in the planning process through public consultation sessions to take place over the next two weeks. This is an important opportunity for all Ottawans to get involved and voice their opinions and visions for Lansdowne. Whether you live in the Glebe, Nepean, Orleans or Vanier, the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park will have an impact on your community and your city.

I encourage you to participate in the consultations taking place in your community. I also ask you to please spread the word to your friends, families and neighbours and ask them to participate as well. To be truly representative of the life and character of our city, we need everyone to participate in the consultations taking place.

The consultation in our ward will be held:

Monday, October 5, 6 to 9 p.m.
Tom Brown Arena, Hall
141 Bayview Road




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