Insider scoop

17 08 2009

A little bird told us what’s going into the old Westboro Market storefront at Richmond Road at Winston:

It’s going to be a Dairy Queen.




3 responses

25 08 2009
Karlis Bouse

Ice cream run!! :)

14 09 2009

Hmm…even thought my son will be quite thrilled to be able to get a smartie blizzard, I’m not sure
a DQ sent’s the right mood in the hood. I was dreaming of a local specialty Butcher/Cheese shop and Bakery….Oh well, it’ll be interested to see
if there’s a market for it considering I can get fabulous Gelato not to far..

17 03 2010
DJ Landry

It is terrific to have a clean modern Dairy Queen in the neighbourhood. We just visited this week for the first time. It’s a perfect place to stop while running the gauntlet of expensive specialty outdoor wear shops nearby. I consider this a welcomed addition to the street and will visit often with my children this year.

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