Future of Westboro United Churchill building: Public Meeting

12 06 2009

Kitchissippi United Church is inviting residents to attend an open discussion on the future of the former Westboro United Church property on Churchill Avenue on Thursday, June 18th at 7:00 pm. For details, see the following letter:



 Dear Neighbours,

For generations, Westboro United Church has been an important institution in the community on Churchill Avenue.  It continues to provide space to a variety of Community groups while the future of the congregation is decided, and is in regular use for this purpose.

Last year, the congregation of Westboro United Church agreed to amalgamate with the United Church congregations of Kingsway and Northwestern.  The current base of the new Kitchissippi United Church is on Island Park Drive at the former site of Kingsway United Church.

The Kitchissippi United Church congregation is about to commence a process to determine the future use of the former Westboro United Church on Churchill Avenue. The Church is considering 4 potential options for the Churchill Avenue Site.

i) Selling the property,

ii) Granting the property to a community organization with goals consistent with the Church’s Mission,

iii) Redeveloping the property primarily for Kitchissippi United Church and partially for community use, or

iv) Redeveloping the property primarily for community use and secondly for KUC, allowing space for Church Outreach activities.

 Our first step will be to consult with the local community.  To this end, we are inviting residents who live adjacent to the Church to an open discussion on the property at the former Westboro United Church on Churchill Avenue on:

Thursday, June 18th,
7:00 – 8:30 pm. 

The congregation plans to make a decision on the issue in October 2009, and given the time for planning and execution, expects that you will see no change in the site until mid 2010 at the earliest.   The Kitchissippi United Church will assess the pros and cons of various options before making any decision, and the views of local residents are an important part of the process.




3 responses

21 06 2009
David P

As someone who checks in here only occasionally, I’m somewhat disappointed that this was not publicized better.

I live little more than a block away and had no idea this meeting took place.

22 06 2009
Wallace B. (WCA President)

The WCA learned of the meeting about 10 days in advance and put it up on our blog as quickly as we could. The Church indicated that they intended to distribute flyers to all of the immediate neighbours but I don’t know how far their reach was. You might want to subscribe to our blog (see “Don’t Miss a Post”) in the upper right column to ensure you receive information as quickly as we get it.

24 06 2009
Miss Vicky

How did it go?

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