Proposed changes to transit service in Westboro

21 04 2009

As part of its annual “Transplan” exercise OC Transpo has issued a series of proposed changes to transit service in the near west end that affect a number of routes serving the Westboro area. The deadline for public comments is April 25 but given the signficance of some of the possible service changes, the WCA has asked Councillor Leadman to request that OC Transpo extend this deadline by at least one week.

In the meantime, we encourage you to review the changes on the OC Transpo website and submit comments to OC Transpo as well as posting them here on our blog so as to help the WCA board come up with its own position on this issue.

Wallace Beaton
WCA co-chair




6 responses

22 04 2009
Rob Gaal

Thanks for the heads up. I have submitted my concern for a covered shelter for the winter months at the stop closest to westboro station-phase 2. From what i can gather that will be route 150.
Thanks again for the notice.

23 04 2009
David James

No, that will continue to be Route #2. The #18 is being eliminated and replaced with additional runs of the #2 (so no more of the #2 and #18 showing up together – instead we’ll just have 2 #2s showing up together).

Route #150 replaces the #16 from Tunney’s to Carlingwood, and the #15 from Churchill to Carlingwood.

23 04 2009
S. Manning

Anyone living along Scott St. between Westboro and Tunney’s Pasture stations, who reside beyond a convenient walk to these stations, will suddenly have practically no bus service. The #151 is useless for commuters as it’s a milk run with a one hour frequency during rush hour.

It will also redirect riders onto the #2 which will result in addtional transfers and time delays for those who wish to access Tunney’s, the O-Train or LeBreton Flats.

Therefore, anyone affected, especially those along this stretch of Scott St. should speak up now or forever lose your convenient bus service.

25 04 2009
Last day to comment on Transplan « Hello Westboro

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26 04 2009
Denise Deby

Thank you for alerting us to the proposed changes and the deadline for comment. I’ve submitted concerns about the proposed elimination of route 15 making access to downtown more difficult, and reducing north-south access to and from Richmond Road, which is already limited, and is the means by which, for example, people in the area travel to and from the Churchill Seniors Centre or the Dovercourt Recreation Centre (which is needed not just during peak hours). Proposed route 51 looks like an express route; a regular route along Churchill would be preferable.

27 04 2009

– Given the scope of changes proposed and number of routes affected, public consultation has been inadequate, the period for feedback too short, and there is insufficient details (ex. comparative ridership levels) explaining many of the changes.
– Over the past decade frequency and hours of service have been reduced on virtually all local & express routes serving Ottawa West. The City’s own TMP makes transit a priority yet, with the exception of Route 2, there are no proposals to restore any of those cuts as a means to “grow transit” in this area.
– Eliminating duplication of local & express routes is a guiding principle yet noticeable overlaps remain on routes 14, 55, 151 & 176.
– Route 151 is a low-frequency and exceedingly convoluted route begging for an overhaul yet no changes have been proposed.

Route 2: I strongly support the proposed increase in daytime & rush-hour frequency west of Westboro Station which reflects some of the transit & TDM provisions of the Richmond Road/Westboro Community Design Plan. Service frequency should also be increased during evenings and weekends to a) compensate for the loss of Route 18; and b) reflect the significant increase in shopping activity along Richmond Road/Westboro Village on Saturdays and Sundays.

Route 15/new route 51:
a)I support this change provided that steps are taken to accommodate additional passenger volumes on eastbound Transitway routes particularly during a.m. rush hour. This includes re-activating a second stop on the south lower platform to make it easier for transferring passengers to board the different 90-series routes as well as flag down express buses (many of which are less congested than the 90-series but frequently pass by Westboro Station without stopping).
b)No changes are proposed to Express route 187 yet it has significant overlap with new Route 51 and appears to suffer very low ridership. The drivers/vehicles from this route should be re-deployed to Route 51 to increase service frequency.

Route 16/new Route 150:
Based on current information provided, I do not support this change. It is unclear why this route will continue to serve downtown to the east but not the west? It only travels on a 2-block section of Albert/Slater so “relieving downtown congestion” should not really apply. Why was the “route splitting” solution recently implemented for Routes 2/12 and 3/9 not proposed for Route 16 as a way to improve frequency and reliability?

Route 18:
In principle I support elimination of this route west of Westboro Station provided that service frequency on Route 2 is increased during evenings & weekends as well as daytime (see Route 2 above). However, based on the information provided, I do not support the other modifications as proposed. It is unclear why this route will terminate at Tunney’s Pasture vs. Westboro Station, or why the “route splitting model used for Routes 2/12 & 3/9 is not applicable here? Another alternative is to reconfigure Route 151 to provide better local service connections between the two stations.

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