McKellar Park Traffic Study Meeting

15 04 2009

Our neighbours at the McKellar Park Community Association (MPCA) are inviting residents to find out what has been happening regarding traffic in the community and have their say regarding what can be done to make improvements.

Where: Dovercourt Recreation Centre, Studio
When: Monday April 20, 2009, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Outcomes of an MPCA proposal may affect Westboro residents.

MPCA is proposing closing the five streets where they meet Sherbourne Avenue: Fraser, Windermere, Courtenay, Rowanwood and Redwood.

Visit the MPCA website at




3 responses

16 04 2009
Wallace Beaton (WCA Chair)

This proposal from the McKellar Park Community Association has emerged during the long-running Traffic Management Study for the broader Westboro/Highland/McKellar Park area. The WCA Board has discussed this proposal and we have a number of concerns with it but have not taken a formal position yet. We really encourage Westboro residents to attend this meeting to listen and ask questions.

18 04 2009
More about the MPCA traffic study meeting « Hello Westboro

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27 04 2009

I have HUGE issues with this proposal. Some of us moved into this area, on to the affected streets, precisely because they gave direct/through access to Carling and the Queensway. Shunting all the southbound traffic over to Broadview (and thereby through a schoolzone), or (for me), 13-blocks out of my way via Dovercourt to Sherbourne, is just unacceptable. Dovercourt will become even busier than it is already, making the intersection at Dovercourt and Fraser even more dangerous.

There ARE alternatives to encourage through-traffic onto the desired arterial routes:
1) Actually connect Sherbourne to Richmond with a light at Richmond (it currently ends at Byron). Put up signage on Sherbourne indicating it is a route to Richmond Road. This would encourage traffic to take that route to get to Richmond Road and the Parkway. If the city put this connector to Richmond at Sherbourne in place, and in conjunction removed the connectors from Byron to Richmond at Redwood and Windemere, it would remove the incentive to “cut through” by providing a smooth access to Richmond Road off a main arterial route, without adversely impacting the residents of McKellar Park. They could even remove the connector to Richmond at Fraser, and put a lighted intersection at Broadview and Richmond if they wanted to further deter through-traffic from Fraser.

2) Consider traffic calming devices such as traffic circles at key locations on the affected north-south streets.

These would have far less negative impact on the residents, while encouraging use of the arterial routes for through-traffic.

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