Redevelopment of McRae Avenue

2 03 2009

On Wednesday March 11, a group called the Westboro Collection will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the redevelopment of McRae Avenue.

Up for discussion: condos, retail, office space. Anyone can attend the meeting.  

For a few more details, view this PDF of an ad which is to appear in the next issue of the Kitchissippi Times.




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4 03 2009
Karlis Bouse


As one of the residents of Clifton Road directly behind the proposed development area, this is a serious concern. Is this the first (public or otherwise) consultation they have held regarding the development? Needless to say, myself and the neighbours will be out en masse next week.


5 03 2009
Wallace (WCA Chair)

The WCA was invited to an initial meeting in December. At the time we were told that neighbours on surrounding streets had also been notified but many seem to have been missed. So we are being proactive this time around. Thanks for spreading the word along Clifton.

5 03 2009

And thank you for the information, Wallace! Hope to see you out there next Wednesday.


5 03 2009

I think this is wonderful! My husband and I are in our 40’s and have lived in Westboro for 12 years now. We are looking forward to seeing what may come. It is really nice to see that more of this area will be updated and revamped. It is good for the neighbourhood. Thank you for the invite.

12 03 2009
Miss Vicky

So, how did it go?

12 03 2009

We attended and were very, very impressed. We only live a few blocks from the Loblaws so McRae is very close. The architects were there along with the planners answerering our questions which we were very satisfied with. We liked the design because it was not your normal boring square buildings. It looks to us like it will really be a plus to Westboro. It will join Richmond to Scott (Transit Station) via shops, housing and offices. Very nice. My husband and I give our thumbs up.

12 03 2009

Dado at skyscraperpage ottawa posted his impressions

12 03 2009

The Clifton Road and Tweedsmuir Avenue contingent were out in excellent numbers to ensure that those most affected by the proposed development are kept in the loop and able to contribute positively to the planning process.

The concept displays and drawings will be posted on the website in a couple of days, but in a nutshell, they’re talking about a 16-storey building at Tweedsmuir and Scott (across from the Transitway station), and 4-6 stories (condos, commercial and office) on both sides of McRae, as well as incorporating pedestrian access through the Wilber cul-de-sac. Obviously some of us feel very strongly about that, as well as the increase of traffic and a loss of privacy with the 4-storey condos looking directly into our homes. The adjacent streets will be keeping in close contact with the development team and local representatives to ensure concerns are addressed.

Thank you,
Karlis Bouse

Clifton Road Neighbours Association (CRNA)

12 03 2009

Here is the website for the architects involved for this project.

13 04 2009
Brad Nemes

As a resident of Tweedsmuir at the Scott st end. I really look forward to the removal of so many poorly kept and underused properties. It can’t be done quickly enough for my liking. It will bring more community minded people to the neighborhood, and enhance what we already have.

I was really disappointed to miss the march 11 meeting and look forward to any other meetings and new developments in the future.

Brad Nemes
328 Tweedsmuir Ave

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