Comm of Adjustment Jan 14, 2009.

17 01 2009

The Committee of Adjustment (CoA) meets regularly to hear applications for minor variances from the Zoning By-law. Typically one would think this would be for existing homes to make them legal or for an addition. We support infill but would hope that any new construction meets the current zoning and if it doesn’t the variance requested is truly ‘minor’.

On Jan 14th the CoA met to consider 4 applications from the area covered by the Westboro Community Association. One was on Highland Ave for which we had no comment. One was on Winona and we along with a neighbour were present to comment. Another was on Roosevelt and along with a couple of neighbours we were once again present to comment. A fourth we were unaware of was for a development on Edison near Princeton. This one was postponed for a future meeting as some questions regarding the building permit need to be answered as well as the impact on the property at the corner of Edison and Princeton. 

The owners of the Roosevelt property wanted three variances in order to build 2 detached homes on a 66 foot wide lot that they wanted to split into 2. For a single detached home the lot frontage on Roosevelt is 40 feet, lot area is 360 sq m and height limit is 8M. One of the neighbours spoke against the application as did the WCA. We supported two of the variances, frontage and area, but could not support the 3rd which was an increase in height. The CoA agreed and asked the applicant to postpone their application to come up with a solution that would meet the height limit. They agreed and hopefully they will meet with the community before the next CoA meeting on Feb 4th. The architect who designed the two houses also designed the new ones across the street from Canadian Mothercraft which are on a narrower lot and required no variances.

The application for Winona was for more variances than we could count and more were added during the hearing. The CoA refused an application for this same address in 2008 and despite what is proposed in this application not much has changed. We along with several neighbours were opposed and we will post the CoA’s decision as soon as we know.

Gary Ludington

Planning Sub-committee




One response

19 01 2009

Thank-you for all your work on these variance applications. It is much appreciated.

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