Development on Winona

12 01 2009

More residential development, this time on Winona Ave.

The Committee of Adjustment hearing for this one is on Wednesday January 14th starting at 1:00 p.m. in The Chamber at Ben Franklin Place.

View the CoA notice here in PDF format: page one, and page two.



One response

16 05 2014
Dean McCuaig

I am a resident of Westboro. About two years ago now the house next door to us was sold, and torn down. We had no advance warning it was going to be torn down. When I asked why that was, I was told because they were building a duplex they did not need to consult the neighborhood. The duplex was built. Now there is an application to severe the property. My question becomes, why is it some neighborhoods are consulted in advance, and yet a situation like this, the developer can build, and then request to severe the property. In my mind the outcome amounts to side stepping the bylaws put in place to protect or at least consult the neighborhood. The end result in our situation is a monster size property with a roof top terrace that has a panoramic view into the yards of residents on all four sides and further. It looks nothing like any other home on the street. The yard, the driveway, the materials it is made from, looks nothing like the rest of the homes. This has had a significant impact on our quality of life and our property. I encourage all residents to ask their city counsellor what protections are in place for existing residents when infill developments move next door.

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